Choir Ensembles

At Beckman Catholic High School, we offer a variety of choral activities for the students. The students are challenged to always do their best and are encouraged to share their God-given talents with the school, community, and parish.

Concert Choir

The Concert Choir is a mixed-voice ensemble comprised of singers in grades 9-12. This ensemble is open to male students in grades 9-12 and female students in grades 11-12. During the school year, the Concert Choir performs at four major concerts, at least one community liturgy, and frequently at school liturgies.

Treble Choir

The Treble Choir is a chorus comprised of all female singers in grades 9-10. Treble Choir works to build and improve upon students' singing techniques and musical understanding. The Treble Choir performs at four major concerts during the school year as well as provide the music for at least one community liturgy and several school liturgies.

Chamber Choir

The Chamber Choir is an auditioned mixed-voice choir open to students in grades 9-12. The students in Chamber Choir demonstrate advanced levels of musical understanding, vocal technique, and ear training. This ensemble learns and performs more challenging repertoire, completes score study analysis, practices sight-singing exercises, and performs more frequently for the school and community. The Chamber Choir performs at four major concerts during the school year, performance tours at the local elementary schools and assisted living center, and honor choir performances.

Troubadours (Bass Choir)

A Troubadour is a poet who who writes verse to music, particularly about courtly love. While our Troubadours don't always sing about love, these gentlemen sing with great passion and enthusiasm! Gentlemen in grades 8-12 are welcome to participate in this energetic ensemble. The Troubadours perform at each major concert event throughout the school year and provide great entertainment for everyone!

Jr. High Choir

The Jr. High Choir is open to all interested seventh and eighth grade students at Beckman Catholic. This is an important ensemble as it teaches the singers how to perform together as an ensemble and sing in 2-, 3-, or even 4-part harmony. Students in Jr. High Choir also participate in a class Choir Idol competition to help students gain confidence and comfort performing for others alone and with others. The Jr. High Choir performs once per quarter.