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(Updated November 2019)

Becker Harrow LLP offers this website subject to the terms and conditions contained on this webpage (the "Terms of Use") and, accordingly, by accessing, using or viewing this website, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use. Becker Harrow LLP may change the Terms of Use at any time and from time to time by posting revisions to this webpage. If you access, use or view this website after such revisions have been posted, you will be bound by them and, therefore, you are advised to periodically review this page for such revisions.


This website does not constitute and should not be considered to be legal advice. Anyone seeking advice should consult with legal counsel familiar with their particular circumstances, and Becker Harrow LLP disclaims all liability in respect of actions taken or not taken based on this website. Becker Harrow also disclaims all representations and warranties, express or implied, and all liability for any errors or omissions in this website, and reserves the right to change the content of this website from time to time.

Referenced Transactions and Entities

Some of the transactions described in this website, and transactions for some of the entities identified in this website (including on the "Clients" page), were handled by Becker Harrow lawyers when those lawyers were at other law firms before joining Becker Harrow, and when those entities were clients of those other law firms. Those transactions and entities are referenced in this website solely as part of the curriculum vitae of the firm’s lawyers. Accordingly, such reference does not necessarily signify, nor should it be inferred, that a particular transaction or that transactions for a particular entity were handled by Becker Harrow or during a lawyer's tenure at Becker Harrow, or that a particular entity currently is or ever was a client of Becker Harrow or of any of its lawyers. Further, we do not claim that any entity (whether or not identified in this website and whether or not a current or former client) endorses or recommends Becker Harrow or any of its lawyers.


Becker Harrow LLP does not currently collect personally identifiable information at this site except to the extent that your Web browser provides such information to our hosting server, such as the site from which you linked, the identity of your internet service provider, and the type of browser you are using, etc., and except to the extent that you provide such information to us, whether in an e-mail or other communication. This website either now or in the future may use "cookies" (small text files generated by a Web site’s server and placed on a user’s hard drive).

Attorney Advertising

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Attorney-Client Relationship

No attorney-client relationship is or shall be considered to be solicited, created, implied or inferred by the existence or use of this website, or by any communication from, to or with Becker Harrow LLP or any of its personnel. An attorney-client relationship with Becker Harrow is created only with our express agreement after completing our engagement process, as confirmed only by a written engagement letter signed by the firm. Before accepting any representation and establishing an attorney-client relationship, we will need to ensure, among other things, that doing so would not create a conflict of interest or non-compliance with any legal, professional or ethical obligation, and that there is a full understanding of the terms on which we provide our services and a mutual determination that such representation would be in the prospective client's best interest.


Anyone communicating with Becker Harrow or any of its personnel is cautioned that we do not consider any communication to be privileged or confidential (even if designated as privileged or confidential), nor do we undertake to hold in confidence any communication. Accordingly, anyone communicating with us should be careful not to communicate anything which they wish to keep confidential, and we shall be free to use and disclose to anyone (including competitors and other parties whose interests may be adverse) any communication at any time for any purpose without any restriction or liability. Anyone communicating with us or soliciting our services is further cautioned that we may represent a party directly adverse to them either now or at a later date, and that we remain free to do so notwithstanding such communication or solicitation. This provision does not affect our professional responsibilities with respect to attorney-client relationships that have been properly established. As used herein, "communication" includes all materials and information in any written, spoken, electronic or other form, conveyed or acquired by any means, directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally, and whether or not designated as privileged or confidential.


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