Layout Ideas

It's easy to create a Photo Collage of images from Google Drive or Google Photos

You can insert videos for students to watch instead of sending them to YouTube

Or even just view videos you uploaded directly to Google Drive!

Hylton Read-a-like Slide Show

Use a title and the background color of the sections to connect multiple documents together.

Note: Remember the Site will adjust to full screen so the editing version may look different than the published version of the page.

Choice Books Read-alikes

You can embed a full size Google Document into a Google Site and change editing rights so everyone can edit if you need a quick and easy way to gather input. Users will select the "pop-out" icon in the upper right hand corner to access the document. Monitor the submissions!

Google Sites Interactive Ideas

Change the ending of the URL of the Google Document to force students to make their own copy of the assignment but embed the original so they can view it! Example:

Change this URL:

To this URL: (notice how the end of the URL is different)

Family Origin Interview

Visit From Classic to Fantastic - the New Google Sites

  1. My Maps
  2. Google Docs & Drive
  3. Charts & Awesome Tables (advanced)
  4. GIFS, BITMOJI, & Google Drawings

Visit "App Smashing in NEW Google Sites" for all kinds of cool ideas

Copy the link from a Drive Folder and use EMBED URL function to embed the drive folder (sample to right). Click the Gear to customize title and list/grid view.