Creating a Google Site for Interactive Classroom Projects

The NEW Google Sites is different than CLASSIC Google Sites but it is much simpler and intuitive for Interactive Classroom Projects.

What makes the NEW Google Sites interactive?

  • Easy to embed student-created projects already made in Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms or Charts. They can upload items from Google Drive or a Drive Folder.
  • Easy for students to make their own website with drag and drop editing.
  • Can embed YouTube videos, images, calendars, or maps for easy viewing.
  • Can share the Site with team members and everyone can work on a different section or page.
  • Publishing options allow community members to view student work.
  • Can link to Google Classroom or LMS.

IDEAS: Use Google Sites as a school website, digital portfolio, teacher website, Library webpage, class newsletter, Yearbook, photo album, video or tutorial repository, digital journals, surveys, or for publicly sharing student projects.

This Site will provide ideas of when and how you should use the NEW Sites with your students vs. using CLASSIC sites for a teacher or classroom website.

CLASSIC Google Sites vs. NEW Google Sites

What's the difference?

Steegle provides an excellent side-by-side comparison of the differences and features of both CLASSIC and NEW Google Sites. Learn more at