Looking for donations of high quality foreign language books that your children may have outgrown - everyone should walk out of the library with a book they are excited about!

See updates on public library page (tab above).

The Destiny login button is in the upper-right corner. Click that and then the button that looks like the one below - (Do not use the one that says "Log in using your Follett account"). You may need to enter your student's ID and password - the one they use to get into their school computers if you are using something that has never been connected to the school system.

Plan ahead for your library visits, place holds on books that are checked out, and view your current checkouts - simply scan the QR code or use Destiny link on left side of this page.

So many people put hard work into this project - great job everyone! Watch video on right!

Our teachers and kids do so much cool stuff! Check out the video...

Helpful resources: Live links and QR code for Holds

About me

As most of you know, I love kids, books, and my cats (Pancho & Lefty). My best moments are when all three of these are combined - snuggling by a nice warm fire, a good book in hand, at least one of my two kids, one of my cats, oh, and I can't forget a good cup of coffee!

I love my job at Bethany. I'm pretty sure I have the best position in the school - watching students discover the joys of reading. The last two years have been crazy, and I want to thank everyone who continued to support the library. This will be my 3rd year at Bethany - third time's a charm, right?!?! I'm hoping for a full year in the building, lots of check-outs, and tons of read-alouds. Fingers are crossed!

Take good care and please reach out if I can help your child's reading journey in any way.