Ferguson Hall Freshman School News

Jaimie Sweet Principal

Dear Parents,

We are back in the swing of things after Winter Break. Even though the break was nice, it is refreshing to see our students back at school. This semester will go by fast as we continue to work on curriculum and learning while preparing students for our state assessments and course selections for next school year.

We have planned an ambitious second semester and students continue to impress us with their outstanding academic achievements, successful winter and spring sports seasons, exciting activities, and spectacular performances from our arts department. The beginning of the semester is a perfect time to review your student’s progress toward achieving personal and academic goals. If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to take this time to celebrate their successes and reinforce their plans for a strong finish this school year.

We have before-school tutoring provided by National High Society in room 1024 every Monday-Friday from 7:00am - 7:30am at BHS. This is a great time to make up missing work and complete assignments.

I believe that Ferguson Hall is a great place to be, and our staff works hard to make sure all students receive a quality education and a wonderful start to their high school experience.

Thank you for your continued involvement, support, and collaboration. It is through our partnership with our parents that we are able to continue to provide an excellent education to all students! Thank you for partnering with us on this journey.


Jaimie Sweet

Jonathan Webb Assistant Principal

Dear Ferguson Families,

I hope that you are feeling fresh and rejuvenated after the holiday season. I cannot believe that the school year is already half over! So many things have been going on around Ferguson it is easy to lose track of time. I am truly thankful for this community and the support it offers our students. This is an amazing 9th grade class and I know they will work hard and accomplish great things in their school career and beyond. It is a pleasure working with these bright young people every day.

I would encourage you to talk to your students about getting more involved with school activities. We post our daily announcements and have a list of extracurricular activities on Ferguson's webpage.

Research shows that 9th graders who are involved in extracurricular activities earn better grades, have better attendance, and report being happier overall. There is a club, sport, or activity for almost everyone at Beavercreek and if your child cannot find one - encourage them to start their own!

Thank you for allowing us the privilege of educating your children. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at jonathan.webb@gocreek.org.

Lindsay Danver School Counselor

It’s hard to believe we are already moving quickly into second semester! I have enjoyed working with your children and am looking forward to more opportunities to interact with them through the remainder of the school year.

During third quarter, students will be meeting with BHS counselors to begin scheduling for tenth grade. Please be on the lookout for information about class offerings, graduation requirements, and teacher recommendations as we begin this process next month.

During 4th quarter, we will begin state testing for courses with an end of course exam. Freshmen students enrolled in any level of Algebra 1B, Geometry, Biology, or English will take an end of course test for those subjects. For more information about the graduation requirements tied to state testing, please visit our program of studies.

Additional information about the testing schedule can be found later in this newsletter and will also be shared with students in their homeroom classes later this month. If your child has a unique testing need which will not be met with the typical schedule, they will receive individual communication from me about when and where they will be testing. This includes students who receive accommodations for testing, who need to take a test for a course they completed in 8th grade, or who need to take tests in more than two content areas.

In addition to these tasks for second semester, we will continue to provide prevention and intervention supports to students in a variety of different ways. Please feel welcome to contact me with any academic, personal, or social concerns you may have about your child so we can determine the best way to support their individual needs.

My Voice Student Survey

Ferguson Hall gives a survey to all students called the "My Voice" survey. It asks students to give an honest appraisal of the culture of our building. 87% students reported feeling supported and accepted at school which is a tremendous accomplishment. We will continue to strive to reach the 13% of students who feel disconnected. 90% of students feel like there is a trusted adult in the building they can go to with a problem. We take pride in the connections we make with our students and will continue to try to reach the 10% who feel like they cannot come to staff with problems.

Challenge Day 2018

On November 2, Ferguson Hall staff and students participated in Challenge Day. Students started their day by listening to David Leedy give a speech about celebrating the small victories in life and how we all have the super power of making each other's lives better. Afterward, they broke into groups and spent the day building integrity, compassion, empathy, and acceptance by playing games, having group discussions, and listening to their peers and adult leaders.

90% of students said they learned something surprising that made them rethink how they felt about a peer or staff member. Ferguson Hall remains committed to making good citizenship a priority.

The Challenge Day organizers would like to thank Jet's Pizza, Dewey's, Primanti Bros, Pizza Hut, and Milano's for donating pizza for our students.

The National Conference for Community and Justice of Greater Dayton (NCCJ) will offer a program called Agents of Change for freshmen at Ferguson Hall. NCCJ focuses on strategies to empower current and future leaders for community transformation, by developing the tools and skills to combat bias, bigotry, and discrimination wherever it occurs. Agents of Change is designed to increase the awareness and sensitivity of high school students to cultural differences. It focuses on the issues of racism, classism, sexism, gender issues, and bullying. Equally important, it focuses on leadership skills to help communities deal with these issues and make their neighborhoods, work places, and schools a better place.

Purple Star Award

On December 6, 2018, Ferguson Hall was recognized by the Ohio Department of Education as a Purple Star school. The Purple Star Award for military-friendly schools recognizes schools that show a major commitment to students and families connected to our nation’s military. Schools that earn the award will receive a special Purple Star recognition to display onsite. This is a tremendous honor and Ferguson Hall will continue to cherish and support our military families.

Memorial Garden Dedication

The Beavercreek High School Air Force Junior ROTC held a Veterans Day ceremony and dedicated a Veterans Memorial Garden that they built around Ferguson Hall’s flag pole to honor our nation’s veterans.

The Veterans Garden was the result of over 200 hours of hard work by a dedicated group of cadets self-identified as “The Avengers Garden Club” lead by Senior Cadet Brandon Stephenson and Junior Cadet Dominic Perez. “We wanted to honor our heroes, to remember their achievements, their courage and their dedication, and to say thank you for their sacrifices,” stated Perez. The cadets hope this Veterans Garden adequately honors those who have and continue to serve this great nation for years to come. “I was so honored and excited, and I just really want to thank all the veterans for everything they’ve done, and it’s the first year,so it’s history,” said Cadet Staff Sgt. Emma Grace Morgan.


Shine Award

Kohl Bryant

Kohl has been nominated for the October SHINE award for his ability to show fairness, respect and caring toward his peers. In class, Kohl works hard by following the rules and being honest. When working with others, Kohl makes sure to include all members of the group and goes out of his way to make sure students of all ability levels are included and feel part of the group. By doing so, Kohl has earned the respect of his peers and teachers.


Shine Award

Jacqueline Cornell

In addition to always being on time and prepared for class, Jacqui always has her assignments completed with impeccable precision. She is friendly towards her teachers and her peers and offers to help when she has spare time. She has stacked others’ chairs, cleaned extra lab stations, and helped others with their belongings. Jacqui has always been polite and respectful to everyone in class. She works efficiently on her own as well as in groups ensuring deadlines are met and all group members have participated and understand the material. She is a high performing student who is always willing to help her peers learn if they are struggling. Jacqui is also supportive of peers and roots for them to succeed on projects and celebrates their success as much as her own.


Shine Award

Benjamen O'Keefe

Ben has been nominated for the SHINE award for his ability to show fairness and respect toward his peers. In class, Ben works hard by following the rules and being honest. When working with others, Ben makes sure to include all members of the group and goes out of his way to make sure students of all ability levels are included. He volunteers during his study hall in Mrs. Fifarek’s classroom and is always eager and willing to step in and help students who need assistance. For this, Ben has earned the respect of his peers and teachers.

Math Department

To start the quadrilateral unit in Honors Geometry, students were presented with the question, "Can geometry be beautiful?" Through studying quadrilaterals and their special properties, students were able to create a stained glass window design that showcased a beautiful design. To enhance the learning process, a proof of six different quadrilaterals was submitted with their design. Scholarship classes were also studying quadrilaterals.

Exponents were a focus for Algebra 1 during the last few weeks. Students were able to see how exponential growth and decay can be related to investments and population in the world around them.

During second semester math students will continue to see the rigor of their classes increase as we prepare for the AIR tests. These tests are important for graduation. The tests contain challenging multi-step problems. We will be emulating these questions in class. Please help promote critical thinking, problem solving, and perseverance in the face of a challenging problems with your students at home

English Department

With first semester under our belts, the English Department is back in full swing! A major focus for all classes is building upon and improving writing skills, including encouraging writing across the curriculum. We continue working on building vocabulary, understanding grammar, and responding to literature. A major focus for second semester will also be gearing up for the AIR test in April. Our students are doing great work. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher. We are always happy to help.

Science Department

Physical Science students spent the first semester of the 18-19 school year learning several chemistry topics including the periodic table, chemical reactions, and bonding. Students experienced demonstrations with dry ice, Mentos and diet coke, elephant toothpaste, and flaming whoosh bottles. Many hands-on lab activities were completed with the periodic table, corrosion, and hydrogen labs among the students' favorites.

In Scholarship, students created prototypes, trial ran, made modifications on, and eventually displayed their air cars and comeback cans for their quarterly projects. In second semester, we will be concluding our chemistry portion of the year and moving into physics.

Ms. Egan's Scholarship Biology students have been eagerly studying biochemistry, everything about cells from structure & function to photosynthesis and cellular respiration and now mitosis.They have had fun building cell membrane models, and fine tuning their microscope skills. Second semester will be the units of genetics, biodiversity and evolution. Students will be taking the AIR assessment for Biology in the Spring.

Social Studies Dept.

There have been a lot of exciting things happening in Social Studies this year. Two new teachers have joined the department and they have brought renewed energy. After setting the stage for the 20th century during the first semester, we are all really excited to take a more hands on approach as we dive into the 20th century especially World War I, World War II and the Cold War.

Special Education Dept.

On October 5th, the Special Education Department participated in Manufacturing Day 2018.

Manufacturing Day has the goal of affecting the public’s perception of manufacturing with the goal of inspiring more people to pursue manufacturing careers. It is intended to correct the idea that manufacturing involved repetitive, unskilled tasks that happened in dark, dirty factories — a ridiculous idea to anyone who has actually worked in manufacturing — and show people what manufacturing really looks like.

The fact is, today’s manufacturing jobs are highly skilled. Not only that, but they take place in some of the most exciting, innovative work environments anywhere.

The thought behind MFG DAY was therefore: Bring the public to real manufacturing environments and let them see for themselves. What better way to overcome any lingering negative stereotypes than to expose them for the misrepresentations that they are?

We visited Kodak, Noble Tool Corporation, and GEMCITY Engineering and Manufacturing. Student encountered printer jets that can fill a swimming pool with ink in seconds; robots that remove improvised explosive devices (IEDs) for the military; and engineering and design solutions for gauges, fixtures, special machines, automation & controls, and PLC & PC software development. Students left convinced that manufacturing provides careers that are interesting and rewarding.

Engineering Design

The Introduction to Engineering Design class has gotten off to a great start this school year at Ferguson Hall. The students picked up the 3D software, Autodesk Inventor, quickly and have been motivated to tackle the assignments presented through Project Lead the Way as well as their own personal projects that they can create. Students work through the design process with every task and learn to become independent problem solvers and thinkers. They have also become very good with working on 3D printers which will benefit them greatly if they continue this pathway. One student even constructed a functional prototype of an arcade machine! Our next phase is to work with local businesses on projects and ideas so that the students can see the real world side of engineering.

Foreign Language Dept.

The Spanish Club has been busy celebrating Dia de los Muertos by making calaveras. They also wrapped presents and made Christmas cards for local families.

Physical Education/Health Dept.

P.E. classes finished up the semester with the last set of fitness tests. The students showed great improvement throughout the semester. On their exam, students explained how the social, mental and physical benefits are utilized by an activity they enjoy participating in individually or in a group. We had fun playing many different activities and learned how to include others while we played.

Health classes learned many things that will help students to make better choices. We have a variety of community organizations that come to our classes to share knowledge and give students resources that are available outside of the school setting.

Air Force Junior ROTC

With nearly 900 Air Force Junior ROTC units and 121,000 cadets world-wide, Beavercreek High School’s award of our own AFJROTC program in 2018 has been an outstanding addition to our school, district, and community.

With approximately 175 cadets, our program is one of the largest units in Ohio in our first year and are poised for future growth! Our program enjoys overwhelming school and community support because of the positive impact on our cadets, schools, community, and nation. Already, our program has contributed over 1,500 community service hours in the first semester alone!

Our instructors, Major Whitlow and Senior Master Sergeant Mackey, are retired Air Force veterans who lead, mentor, guide, and teach our cadets. We are honored to have this wonderful program housed in Ferguson Hall!

Art Department

The Art Department at Ferguson has been busy turning what once looked simply like everyday Freshman... into amazing artists! The best part of our foundational art program is that we get to see students who are only taking art because it is a graduation requirement, realize that they are actually pretty good! In Art 1 A we focus on 2D art and in Art 1 B we focus on 3D art.

We have about 80 kids total from both courses whose work was chosen to be in a show at the K12/Tejas Gallery in Dayton from Dec 20 to the end of January! Awards will be chosen by the staff there and they will be recognized during a reception on January 18. Feel free to stop in and see the show anytime in January! The students will also have at least one piece for the District and High School Art Shows at the end of the year. Make sure to mark your calendars to visit the high school show the afternoon of May 2 and the morning of May 3. Hopefully you have also been able to see the display cases and bulletin boards around the school decorated with work.


Looking for a great new book to read this winter? Need reliable online resources for a project or research paper? Chromebook giving you problems? Then stop by your Ferguson Library for assistance! I can help! From online databases and e-books to hard cover books and the Chromebook hospital, the FH IMC has a solution. Hours are 7:35-12:15, 12:45-2:50. If you have any questions, please stop by or email me at angie.williams@beavercreek.k12.oh.us

School Fees

Please check with your child and see if they have received a school fees payment reminder from the front office. If you are unsure if you still have outstanding fees, please contact Ferguson Hall.

Ferguson's PTO provided a luncheon for teachers to celebrate the end of 1st Quarter. Thanks to all the parents who provided soups and salads. They were delicious!

The Ferguson Hall staff enjoyed a cookie walk organized by our PTO. Thank you so much to all the parents who participated! The teachers loved their holiday treats.

Lost and Found

If your child is missing a coat, hat, water bottle, or other item, please stop by the lost and found in the Ferguson front office. Our bin is overflowing!

Important Dates

  • 1/11/19 - 1st semester report cards available for parents on progress book.
  • 1/21/19 - No School
  • 2/15/19 - No School
  • 2/18/19 - No School
  • 2/20/19 - ACT testing - no school for Freshman
  • 3/8/19 - End of 3rd quarter - early dismissal
  • 3/25/19-3/29/19 - Spring Break
  • 4/8/19-4/11/19 - 9th grade state testing
  • 4/19/19 - No School
  • 4/22/19 - No School
  • 5/23/19 - Last day of school - early dismissal

End of course testing schedule

9th grade students will take their state assessments from April 8 through April 11. The testing schedule is posted below.

This schedule is different than Beavercreek High School's testing schedule. Almost all 9th grade students take one math and one English test, each spread over two days. The rest of the schedule aligns to BHS's schedule so there is minimal disruption between buildings. Encourage your child to get good sleep in the week leading up to these important tests.

Any special circumstances will be communicated through your child's teacher and will only affect a handful of students.