Fundraiser Brochure 2019.pdf

On Tuesday, August 20th, the Coy Band will kick-off their 2019 Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough Sale! This fundraiser, held by the band and choirs at both middle schools, is a major source of funding (and sometimes the only source) for our music programs. Luckily, it is a delicious fundraiser! Your child will come home with a packet of information and we would encourage every student to do his or her best to support our fundraiser. You can find additional information about the fundraiser on this page.

You can click on the brochure to the left to view all your delicious ordering options! (Be sure to allow pop-ups)


Students can begin selling on Tuesday, August 20th. If you have friends/family who would like to utilize the online ordering system, they can do so starting on August 20th. All orders and money that your student has collected will be due on Wednesday, September 4th. Our tentative delivery date for the items is October 15th.

How to Get Orders

While students are welcome to go door-to-door (with parent permission), most students and they can sell to friends, family, or parents' coworkers easily because people know our sale and love the cookies. This year, we are also excited to offer online ordering, which makes it even easier to support our program. Please see below for details on the online ordering.

The Money Stuff

If your student takes an order in person (i.e. not online), they MUST collect payment at that time. When they turn in their order forms on September 4th, they must also turn in the money for the orders. We CANNOT order an item without payment. Customers can pay with cash or checks (Made out to Beavercreek City Schools). Customers who order online will pay online. We can also accept donations (which are great because they are basically 100% profit for our band!) - please remember that we need the name and address for anyone who makes a donation, regardless of amount. For donations over $25, the school will send them a tax deduction letter.

Online Ordering

This is an exciting option that we are pleased to have available again this year. Now your friends and family that live far away can help support our program! The online catalog has a bigger selection of items - some are non-refrigerated items which can be shipped directly to the customer. They can also order any of the frozen goods (cookie dough, cheesecake, pretzels, pizza, etc.) and it will be added to the student's order that is delivered to Coy. This is a great option for a customer who wants cookie dough but can't order when the student is standing right there - they can just order online later!

Before a customer can place and order, your student must register for online sales using our school code (CODU0006N). You have two options for doing that:

  • Click HERE to register online - you will click the blue button to register with our school code.
  • Test "REGISTER CODU0006N" to 330-249-7166 (remember to include a space between the word "register" and our school code).

You will also need the 7-digit number from the top, right corner of your student's order form. NOTE: If your student ends up needing multiple order forms, they will use the number from only their 1st form.

After you register, you will get an email/text that you can forward to friends and family so they can order.

There are additional non-frozen items available for purchase online - these can be shipped directly to your customer's home. All frozen items will be shipped to Coy. Your student will pick them up with the rest of their orders. (while we can't ship the frozen items, the online system makes it easier for your long-distance family to place an order that they could pick up the next time they see you).

Your student does NOT need to collect money for their online orders since the customers pay online. Additionally, they will NOT record these orders on their order form. Online orders can count towards the prize incentives we offer (your student's prize as well as our class contests).

VOLUNTEERING BONUS - Earn us some extra money!

Parents can also support our fundraiser by volunteering to help count money and enter customer data on September 4th. Our fundraiser rep will donate .5% of our total sales back to our program if we fill all of our volunteer spots by Thursday, August 29th. This is an excellent (and easy!) opportunity for us to earn some extra money - If you can help us earn this bonus, please login to your child's Charms account to sign-up for a shift. If you need help signing up, please contact Ms. Conrad.


Below is a list of common issues we run into with the fundraiser. The sale brings in a very large number of sales - please help us out by reviewing the "Caution List" below!

  • Please write clearly on your order form. Remember to list the check number for any customers who pay with a check. Additionally, you might want to keep a list of addresses if you are doing door-to-door selling.
    • Make sure all checks are made out to Beavercreek City Schools.
  • Do NOT list online orders on your paper order form. Since the order was processed online, writing it down duplicates the order.
  • Remember that all frozen items ordered online are still delivered to Coy. Only non-frozen items can be shipped directly to a customer.
  • Keep track of the money collected and double check the total before it gets turned in. If an order packet has a mistake (e.g. the wrong amount of money) when it gets turned in, we give it right back to the student to be fixed.