The cookie dough will arrive at AMS on Thursday, October 18th. We have an entire semi truck of cookie dough, pizza, cheesecakes, etc. arriving that day. It is absolutely necessary that every order gets picked up that evening. We do not have storage for items that do not get picked up. Once it gets picked up it must be frozen or delivered immediately. Please click here to view our "timeline" of events for cookie dough pick up day.

Pick-up Information

Students who sold between 1-3 items will be able to take their items home on the bus. Students who sold to teachers will also be able to pick up those items at this time so they can give it to the teacher before leaving for the day (NOTE - if they sold other items as well, they will need to come back by 6 PM to pick up the rest of their order). Students who sold 4 or more items will need to have it picked up after school. We will be available from 4-6 PM for you to be able to pick up your child's order. ALL ORDERS MUST BE PICKED UP BY 6 PM ON THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18TH.

Cookie dough is perishable and must be handled carefully. Please make sure that it is delivered directly to the customer. If you must store it, it must be in a freezer. It is not cold enough this time of year to leave it in a garage etc. and assume it won't go bad. ALSO - It cannot be delivered to a customer's porch. If they aren't home it must be properly stored until it can be delivered. If your customer isn't home when you try to deliver, please leave them a note letting them know how to get in contact with you to retrieve their items.

Every student will have a box/bag with their name on it that contains all the items for their order. A copy of their order form will be included in the box so they know which customer receives which item. As a reminder, if a customer ordered a frozen item online, that item will be delivered on October 18th with the rest of your student's orders.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are looking for parent volunteers to help with cookie dough pick-up day. Here are the positions we need to fill:

  • 1:30- 3 PM (6 volunteers) - Help organize student orders in alphabetical order
  • 3:30 - 5 PM (8 volunteers) - Help locate and check orders (this is the busiest time and we will need the most help for this shift)
  • 5 -6 PM (6 volunteers) - Help locate and check orders

We will be doing volunteer sign-ups through Charms. To sign-up, please login to Charms with our school code (AnkeneyBand) and your password. Once logged in, click the "Volunteer" icon and follow the prompts to sign-up for the shift you would like. If you would like to volunteer but cannot work an entire shift, please contact Ms. Conrad at