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Hellooooo!!!! So you clicked because you were curious, orrrr you are ready to put yourself first! did the hardest thing for a Superhero...YOU SHOWED UP

So let's get started, shall we?

First, hit the ready, set, RECLAIM video for your slaying intro walk...



Do you think about putting YOURSELF FIRST regularly, but can't find the time to do it?

Do you want your LEGACY to be about "unrealized potential"?

Do you want to WIN, but don't know how?

Are you RUNNING in the same spot?

If any of your answers were YES then you are ready to train and master your 

drive, resilience, innovation, and progression aka D.R.I.P!

You will become your BEST SELF!

You will unlock your POTENTIAL!

You will learn how to WIN!

You will FLYY!

Take your FIRST ACTION: Hit the Flight Plan button to take you to the map!

Milestone Moments

Each month I invite ladies to set goals and reach them one milestone at a time. FIrst, create your FREE profile on "It's My Time" page, and you will be part of a movement to LEVEL UP! Create your monthly goal and work towards it for 30 days, then join me at the end of each month to share and learn!

This event occurs on the last Wednesday and Saturday of the month. Choose which one works for you!

To register for your complimentary virtual seat, just click the pic!

Let's Flyy!

What's happening in the skies?

Business Plan Development

Do you have a vision that you are ready to bring to life? or Did you start a business without a plan? Either way, creating a solid blueprint of your vision is imperative to book your 2-day virtual intensive business plan development today.

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Ms. Jai Holness