Welcome to the Seahawk Times!

Welcome to the Seahawk Times! This is the website for the newspaper created by Hilton Head Island High School students taking the "Newspaper Production" class. This website is divided into issues that will be released quarterly. Within each issue are different topics with news stories written by students and information provided by school department heads, PTSO (Parent, Teacher, Student Organization) and SIC (School Improvement Council). We will be sending out the link in Mr. Schidrich's weekly email each quarter.

You can view some of the articles in print through The Hilton Head Island Sun each quarter.

The purpose of this website/digital newspaper, plus our print newspaper is to keep the community informed about all the amazing things that happen at HHIHS and keep the community informed about the referendum, COVID-19 resources, sports, volunteer opportunities and much more!

*When uploading each issue the site will be down for a couple of hours.*

November 22, 2020

Coming January 31, 2021

Special Homecoming edition of The Seahawk Times. January 3, 2020

Issue 3

Coming April 2021

Issue 4

Coming July 2021