Mark your calendars for Beauregard Parish School Board's first-ever Technology in the Classroom event, BeauTIDE.

What is BeauTIDE?

  • It's our parish's first district-wide Technology in the Classroom event. Spend all day attending sessions taught by Beauregard Parish teachers who are experts in using various digital tools. (Think Slides, Screencastify, Kami, BLOCKSI, and more!) We will have multiple sessions offered for each time slot, so there will definitely be something for everyone.

  • It's taking place on Friday, November 12th from 8:00 - 3:00 at DeRidder Junior High, 415 N Frusha Dr, DeRidder, LA

  • For BPSB employees the cost is $10. For attendees from outside the parish, the cost is $15. This price will include coffee and a pastry from Flat Tire Coffee, a t-shirt and bag, and lunch.

  • Click the buttons below to sign up!

Want to sign up? GREAT! Click either the BPSB button or the Outside District button below. Sign up will end on Wednesday, November 3rd at noon.

BeauTIDE is very excited to announce that our guest speaker will be Bruce Hamilton!

Bruce Hamilton has been spreading his message of “No Bad Days” throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada for over 20 years and after all these years he has found that things remain the same:

Your attitude will determine your altitude!

With all the “stuff” going on in the world today sometimes we tend to forget that we are in control of our lives!

Sometimes we forget that if we want to be happy, we must decide to be happy!

No Bad Days is about the Ridiculous Individual! We live in a world that drains us! It sucks the passion right out of us! So how do you find the passion again? By being ridiculous in your efforts, ridiculous in your attitude, and ridiculous in your energy!

In No Bad Days you will learn:

- Positive behavior is contagious!

- Outlook Determines outcome!

- The power of your face!

- When you become better, your world becomes better!

- Plus, more…

So, buckle your seatbelts and get ready to blast off as Bruce Hamilton presents “No Bad Days”.

Session Spotlight of the Day

Joni Martin & Hannah Click from KRH

Join Joni Martin and Hannah Click from KRH to learn about using 8 Google tools to Collabor8!

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