Beast Mode Steno Camp & Coaching

We teach you how to learn, how to study, and how to practice - while enhancing your steno education in every way

ATTENTION: Enrollment is CLOSED between December 27, 2022, and December 1, 2023. If enrollment opens before then, we'll post an announcement.

Mission of the Beast Mode Steno Courses

We offer self-paced theory and speedbuilding courses with individualized instruction + guided coaching for anyone at any level in their steno journey, whether you're just starting out with theory or trying to get your RMR certification, and everything in between - and we keep it

positive, uplifting, motivating, and FUN!

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Theory Course ($167/month fixed rate)

Beast Mode Theory is unique - it's not a fully realtime-ready, nor a fully conflict-free theory, and we believe it's better for students/new reporters. You won't struggle to write in shorthand, and you'll receive guided instruction on every aspect of stenotype theory from a working reporter who's been teaching various subjects over the last decade.

If you need help acquiring a steno machine, our Admin Team can help connect you with resources. And if you need help getting your machine connected with your software, our Lead Instructor April will help you do that before you start your course! Let us work together towards your success and your career.

Beastlings Course, for Speeds 40-140 wpm ($97 month)

This course is for anyone who's already taken theory and is in speedbuilding in the "lower speeds" in court reporting school, who wants to supplement their instruction, or for the solo student who's doing it on their own - we're here to help. You'll receive a full curriculum for your speed level, testing and homework + practice exercises through your exclusive Beast Mode RTC account, and additional learning modules such as vocabulary, medical and legal terminology, software lessons, transcript preparation, ergonomic assessments, and strengthening/stretching exercises for your upper body, especially your arms/neck/back.

Beast Mode Steno Camp, speeds 160-225+ wpm ($97 month)

This course kicks it into high gear and is for anyone in the "upper speeds" in court reporting school who wants to supplement their instruction, or for the solo student who's doing it on their own - we're here to help! Once you are writing at least 180 wpm, we will place you with working reporters to complete your intern hours. We will continue the English/medical/legal/technology lessons to review and prepare you for your state and/or national certification's WKT, if applicable. We will continue your software lessons to ensure you can prepare a transcript on your own when you start working, and we will help you with job placement if you would like introductions to local freelance firms in your area. We can also help with preparing you for applying to court and your interview process.

State license and national certification coaching course ($97 month)

This course is for you, the working reporter.

Or you, the exit-speeds student who needs their license or national certification to work.

We know you're busy and your time is valuable. This course is tailored to your schedule and self-paced, but will still include guided coaching and individualized instruction to help you become the absolute best you can be! We provide homework/exercises and testing at RSR, RPR and RMR speeds, as well as for the CRR and CRC examinations.

How much does it cost? Glad you asked.

See below for the different options we offer at Beast Mode Steno.

We have something for everyone!

Serious Steno subscription level:


Serious Steno: For the new or experienced student who wants a little extra push and support. This enrollment level includes an exclusive Beast Mode RTC subscription, graded testing within RTC, personalized feedback on tests, and access to our weekly Zoom office hours. (Optional coaching sessions are available. Please fill out the Enrollment form to get coaching pricing based on your needs.)

Taking No Prisoners! subscription level:


Taking No Prisoners!: This is for anyone who: a) is an established student who is FED UP with how long it's taking to get through school, or b) anyone in a plateau, or c) anyone who wants the full court reporting school experience with guided instruction, support and coaching by a working certified court reporter with a specialty background in the pedagogy of Foreign Language Acquisition and Music Method Theory in multiple instruments. This enrollment fee includes an exclusive Beast Mode RTC subscription, graded testing, feedback on testing, feedback on all assignments submitted, complimentary weekly 60-minute coaching sessions, complimentary financial advising, a referral and $15 coupon to AFC Coaching, and access to our weekly Zoom office hours. (Additional coaching beyond the once weekly sessions are offered at a discounted rate.)

For Coaching only, please fill out our Enrollment form and indicate what your goals are and we'll create a coaching package for you, and we'll be in touch shortly.

Struggling to pass a state certification? Are you a student who needs their RSR or RPR to start working? Enroll in our Beast Mode Steno Camp course and send us an email about what you specifically need. We'll create a custom-built curriculum just for you and your specific exam(s). Pricing will vary based on curriculum and needs of the student.

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how we can help you succeed!

To the student who feels like they've tried everything and this is probably just another empty promise:

We understand how stressful this journey is, and it doesn't make it easier to have an unpleasant experience. Because you haven't worked with us yet, consider giving us a trial. We are revolutionizing the education and training of court reporting students, and chances are you haven't been introduced to our teaching methods that are rooted in positive reinforcement and proven to be effective by science. And if you want to know what that science is, and what the positive reinforcement looks like, just ask! We'd be happy to explain it as well as connect you with a couple of current students who can share what their experience has been thus far.