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Mrs. Walsh

Classroom Announcements

1/26 SNOW DAY: We will not be meeting for class on Tuesday, January 26th. To receive class credit, please complete and submit the independent activities posted on your Google Classroom page. Please be sure to check the Google Classroom page for each of your classes. Complete the survey posted on your homeroom teacher's website to receive attendance credit for the day . Enjoy your snow day!

Feel free to email me with any questions at megan.walsh@bearcreekschool.com.

Classroom links and times:

7th Grade Math- 8:45-9:30 AM https://meet.google.com/lookup/cijgstlc5k?authuser=0&hs=179

8th Grade ELA- 9:30-10:20 AM https://meet.google.com/hcx-vmad-htg

7th/8th Grade Science- 10:25-11:10 AM https://meet.google.com/qjx-nuxg-btd

7th Grade ELA- 11:15-12:00 PM https://meet.google.com/ngm-imzr-mpe

5th Grade ELA- 12:25-1:30 PM https://meet.google.com/cug-kuuq-dty

6th Grade ELA- 1:55-3:05 PMhttps://meet.google.com/rmo-qygb-fvq

School-Wide Announcements

Teacher Contact Info:

Mrs. Walsh: megan.walsh@bearcreekschool.com