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Student Work During School Closing Due to the Coronavirus

Weeks 8 - 13

All instructional materials were included in the student cubby boxes that were picked up by parents on April 28th or 29th at the school. Included in the boxes were student workbooks (that may be used during instruction), notebooks for reference, possibly worksheets or packets, depending on the teacher/grade/subject and the Weeks at a Glance for the remaining weeks. Textbooks can also be accessed online through Think Central. Also included in the student box was a neon sheet of paper containing Zoom Meetings schedules and login information and passwords. PLEASE DO NOT LOSE THAT PAPER. It is specially tailored for your child.

Weeks 4 - 7

Review packets for the month of April were to be picked up Thursday April 2, 2020 at the school. Packets that were not picked up were mailed home on Friday April 3, 2020. The packets may take up to a week to be delivered. Any questions regarding the work packets, please click the "Week at a Glance" tab at the top of the page or contact your child's homeroom teacher.


Week 3

Finish up any remaining work that you have from Weeks 1 & 2. Check to see if you have new lessons on i-Ready (if you have internet access.)


Week 2

Students have been assigned lessons in i-Ready in Math and Reading for this week. Click on the tab "Websites" above or click HERE to go to the i-Ready section of your teacher's website.

If students do not have internet access or the proper hardware (laptop or ipad) to access i-Ready, we encourage your child to complete the review materials below. Please click each link to access. Students do NOT need to do both i-Ready AND the review materials. One or the other will suffice.

Week 2


Week 1

Students were each provided a packet of one week's worth of review work to do while school is closed. This work is highly encouraged and will be checked for completion and effort when school resumes. If school is closed for more than one week, we will give direction as to what the students should do next. Please check back here daily!

Below you can find links to to the subject-area materials that went home in the packet as well as the letter from Mrs. Young, Director of Curriculum & Instruction.

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