COVID Updates

Updates on BDYC activities during COVID

Effective July 2020: Protocols, Phase 6

Please follow these six simple rules to protect yourself, your fellow members and club staff during the current pandemic. No-one enjoys the restrictions which COVID, a potentially fatal illness, has forced us to adopt. However, we must deal realistically with the situation. These rules are designed to allow everyone to enjoy a season of sailing during “the new normal” while staying healthy.

  1. Respect Quebec directives regarding social distancing (two meters unless from same household).

  2. If not possible to maintain social distance (during essential activities) wear a mask.

  3. Minimize the size of casual gatherings on club grounds or boats while in harbour – no more than four people, from no more than two households. The aim is to minimize the number of social interactions and potential for COVID spread on club grounds

  4. Do not arrange social events on club grounds. As with #3, the aim is to minimize the potential for COVID spread. Please socialize with your friends on your boat outside the harbour.

  5. Wash your hands and disinfect all shared facilities (toilets, crane, wheelbarrows etc.) before and after use. Using shared facilities increases risk from COVID-19

  6. While on boats in the harbour, respect the June 26 FVQ guidelines and Code of Conduct. These state in part:

  • “You can have guests on board, if your club or marina allows them access and if your boat is big enough to comply with the health regulations in force. When you do, you must keep a log of your visitors.” ***

  • “During a sailing outing, if a maneuver involve briefly breaking the 2 m distancing, the risk of contracting the COVID-19 is considered low, as long as the cumulative time of these close contacts is less than 10-15 minutes per outing.”

We are open to constructive feedback. Please send your ideas to the club manager at Many thanks for your cooperation.

*** For example, if distancing can be maintained, a member could take a grandchild sailing, or could sail with a crew member or friend, provided a log is kept for contact tracing purposes. It is up to members to determine whether they can maintain social distance while on the water, and decide whether to accept the risk of sailing with people from another household.


June 17: Update and reminders after launch

Hello All,

First, a big thank you to the Boats in Team. They worked until all boats were in and managed to do it 100% safely and in record time!

As you know, members are free to access their boats at any time now. However, please remember the following;

  • If you bring any one into the club, they must bring a signed waiver if they have not already done so. Please find a bosun and hand it in to them on arrival.

  • Wearing a mask when less than two meters from anyone else, e.g. raising a mast, is REQUIRED.

  • If you bring in a truck to tow a trailer or open the gate for any other reason re lock the gate after you immediately. People just wander in if it is left open just for a few minutes, especially with increase in use now of Bertold Park.

  • Access to crane straps, handles and electricity is when bosuns are available as garage is otherwise locked. Generally this is between 9 am to 5 pm.

Thank you for making the club safe for your fellow members.


COVID Update, revised June 12

(COVID anti-infection measures for general re-opening)

*June 12: Please note update to section regarding FVQ guidelines for number of people on boat


Phase Five protocols come into effect on June 14. By reading and respecting these protocols, you can do your part to ensure members and staff remain safe, and the club remains open for the remainder of the 2020 season.

Your patience with, and strict adherence to these and previously issued instructions is urgently requested. We know that the COVID protocols from an individual perspective can sometimes be inconvenient and frustrating. However, please remember, they are designed for the greater good of all and are intended to protect you and your fellow members from the potentially fatal Corona virus. They are also intended to prevent the club being shut down, should one or more members be diagnosed with COVID.

  • Before entering club grounds, put on a mask (or face visor). After entry, go straight to your boat. Do not stop to socialize or chat!

  • On club grounds maintain a minimum distance of two meters from anyone not in the same household, and always wear a mask if there is even a chance that distancing cannot be maintained

  • Keelboat owners are asked to stay on their boats or in its immediate vicinity (e.g. adjusting water hoses) as much as possible until leaving

  • Dinghy owners must respect social distancing and assembly (gathering) regulations when working on, rigging or launching. (See FVQ directives for launch here.)

  • Please do not assemble anywhere in the club grounds, even if it seems distancing can be maintained. This is very important. No assembly means easy contact tracing, should it be necessary.

  • Please respect FVQ guidelines regarding the number of people on your boat. At the moment, this means sailing alone or with people from the same household, unless social distancing (two meters) can be maintained. On-water checks may be conducted by Sûrete Quebec. Infractions could result in a large fine and, potentially, adverse repercussions for the club’s operations.

  • The mobile toilets will be open during the day, but we ask that members use the facilities on their own boats whenever possible. Pump out is available at Ile Perrot Marina for a fee of about $20. If you do use the mobile toilet, be aware this is a “high-risk” facility – be sure to sanitize it before and after use.

  • The clubhouse, including its toilets/showers, balcony, lower deck and ramp in front of garage, is closed until further notice and cannot be used. Please do not congregate in any of these areas.

  • If you need items from your locker in the garage, ask the club manager for access. He will accompany you while you remove whatever you need for storage elsewhere. The club is working to arrange temporary storage outside the clubhouse for hard-to-transport items such as sails. Please check with the manager if you require storage space for this type of item.

  • Do not borrow or lend tools, bring your own. Under no circumstances can club tools be borrowed.

  • Apart from proximity (two meters or less) to others, touching any surface that may be touched by more than one person results in increased risk. After you have touched items such as a gate handle, rubbish bin lid, hosepipe, tap/faucet, wheelbarrow handle or communal toilet facility etc. wash your hands in soapy water, as soon as possible, or sanitize them, before touching your mask or face.

  • Members who will be away overnight can leave their cars inside the club adjacent to the West fence. The manager must be informed that the car will be left and must be given a key.

Please note, these protocols will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis, as the situation evolves over the summer.

We know it is not always convenient or pleasant to follow these protocols – but it is extremely important to do so. They are designed to protect individuals and also the club as a whole. If members respect these directives, the potential for infection will be very limited, and contact tracing can easily be done. On the other hand, if even one club or staff member is diagnosed with COVID and his/her BDYC contacts cannot be quickly traced, the club could be closed and members put under 14-day quarantine. This scenario may seem extreme, but it is far from impossible.

The ONLY reason the Club has been allowed to open at all is because Club directors agreed to implement strict protocols that are acceptable to the Town. These protocols are based on best practice guidelines from the FVQ and other organizations. Failure to be abide by these protocols by EVERYONE at all times may result in COMPLETE LOSS OF ACCESS imposed by external authorities. The limited operation that we have agreed to support can be lost at any time if we are not all careful.

Please remember that there is currently no cure, no vaccine, and no way to know how seriously the virus will compromise an individual’s health. There is also no way to recognize an asymptomatic spreader.

Let’s all work together to ensure we have a safe, enjoyable summer on the water!


COVID Update, June 5

(Boats In, Dry Sail Update)

Dear Members:

More good news: Boats In (Phase Four of re-opening) is now confirmed for June 13. Protocols for launch and launch order will be published next week.

As soon as keelboats are launched and cradles moved, dry sail boat owners can move their dinghies into the yard. All club protocols, including social distancing and all other anti-infection measures must be observed while working on or launching dinghies.

Detailed protocols for Phase Five of the re-opening plan will be published before June 13.

We are almost there!

BDYC Board of Directors


COVID Update, June 1

Dear Members

A big thanks to everyone for making the first days of our re-opening go so smoothly! Your patience and understanding over the last few weeks is really appreciated — and it is finally paying off. Welcome back!

As those of you who have already visited the club know, we are taking every precaution to protect members and staff. We believe this is necessary, because with COVID-19 there’s no cure, no vaccine, and no way to know who is asymptomatically infected. Safety is our first priority, so thanks for your ongoing support and patience.

As the situation continues to evolve, here are some important announcements and dates to keep in mind:

At the club after five o’clock? Please tell us before three

If you can’t can’t come to the club before five o’clock on weekdays, or if you need to stay after that time, don’t worry. Bosuns will remain on duty until seven o’clock to accommodate you if they know you are coming or planning to stay! If you plan to be at the club after five o’clock on a weekday, just email the club manager at, by three o’clock that day. That way, you can be sure that a bosun will be there to log you in and out.

Docks In (Phase 3), June 6 — a small team of volunteers will take care of everything

Docks will be put in on Saturday, June 6. This will not be a traditional Docks In Day, where everyone participates. Instead, all work will be done by a small team of volunteers. Do not come for Docks In unless you have been notified by email that you are part of the special Docks In team. The plan is to minimize risk by involving the smallest possible number of people, The clubhouse will remain closed, and only Docks In teams and members of Group Two will be admitted. Thank you for your cooperation.

Boats In (Phase 4) anticipated for June 13 — stay tuned

Boats In is now expected to take place on June 13, if everything continues to go well. This date will be confirmed after Docks In. At that time, special launch protocols and launch lists will be distributed by email, and published on the club Facebook page and Web site.

Junior Squadron suspended indefinitely due to COVID

As you may already know, the operations of the Junior Squadron have been suspended indefinitely. This was a hard decision, and one that the directors very much regret being forced to make. Unfortunately, it is not possible to operate the sailing school while respecting government guidelines and without putting the health of members, instructors and students at risk. If the situation changes significantly, this decision will be reviewed.

We have made a lot of progress towards our goal of re-opening — but we are not there yet. Please continue to respect the posted protocols about distancing, mask-use and hand-washing. Working together, we will soon be back on the water!

BDYC Board of Directors


COVID Update, May 26

Dear Members:

Good news! The club will re-open on a partial basis May 30, to allow members to prepare their boats for launch. Your specific work times are indicated on the work schedule document. Please refer to it before coming to the club!

Please read the three linked documents below (protocols, waiver and work schedule) carefully. When you have read them, please sign the waiver and bring it with you on your first visit to the Club.

By working together and respecting the protocols, we can soon be back on the water.

Thanks for your cooperation and support! We look forward to seeing you at the club soon.



Protocols for members working on boats

Waiver (must be signed before entering club)

Work schedule for members


COVID Update, May 23

COVID Update, March 26, 2020

COVID Update, March 22, 2020