September 28, 2018 GICS

and standard ASX stocks / indexes

By OzFalcon

Welcome to ASX for AmiBroker 3rd party tool

ASX for AmiBroker assigns stock industry groups and standard indexes as defined by ASX / S&P GICS.

The core operation consists of scripts for cleaning, downloading GICS and updating the database.

A sample ASX database with industry groups predefined is included for script update operation.

Detailed setup instructions are supplied to help you configure the tools and database.

Scripts are written in JScript V5.6 (Windows Scripting Host is required).


ASX industry groups has changed from previous versions (Pre September 28, 2018 GICS).

You will need to use the new sample ASX database or update your existing database to reflect the changes.

The layout of industry groups is highlighted in the supplied documentation / setup instructions.