Mr. Theis's Homepage

Welcome to Mr. Theis's Homepage. I teach Integrated Science for 9th Grade and Chemistry for 11th Grade at BCTHS High school. This page has links to the google classroom sites for these classes. I also run an afterschool chess and board game club and the link for that website is above as well.

Contact info:

  • Email: (best way to reach me)
  • Phone: 215-949-1700 x2012 (phone will not ring in room)
  • Family emergencies to reach student: 215-949-1700 (main office)

Materials for class

  1. Calculator: I recommend the TI30XIIS for both Integrated Science and Chemistry (Click for Link)
  2. Binder filled with lined looseleaf paper
  3. Pens and Pencils
  4. Highlighter