Class Anthology 2018-2019

By Jorden Aguilar

This is a space for our creativity and our imagination! Check back often for our amazing stories!


The story of a shadow

By Braden Hart

Eons ago there was this monkey and he was always moving. Even in his sleep he would pace around his tree. He was an odd monkey. Unfortunately one morning he woke up and the sun was glaring at the monkey and he didn't like it because he rarely saw the sun because of the leaves at the top of the forest covered it. The monkey looked behind him and a black figure of himself right behind him. This had never happened before so he started running in fear and it stayed behind him no matter what. He lost his grip and slipped. He was around 60 feet of the ground so tried his hardest to latch onto a branch before hitting the ground at a whopping speed. Unfortunately his idea didn't work and he had plummeted to his demise. He didn't have any family so his soul had no reason to stay on earth but something kept him down on earth. His body laid there still as a rock but his soul stayed near. Unable to get back in to his body his soul became the shadow. He waited there until the bones withered away from time. Letting the earth take the remains into the ground. The shadow had nowhere to go now that his body had totally deteriorated. He waited patiently for there to be something else to attach to. Not really knowing what to do he hid and slept under a group of leaves hiding from the beaming sun that got him killed. He slept for Eons until he awoke to the sound the tree he hid behind getting cut down. Then the shadow saw something he never saw before. His home along with distant monkey friends...gone… He saw these people that looked like monkeys but more advanced and shaved. They were cutting down his home as well as the other animals homes. Thousands upon thousands of trees gone. He wondered what they were doing with them. Back then they didn't really have a sue besides purifying oxygen and cover from predators. Were they trying to kill themselves from getting rid of the only thing that purifies the air. Or if they needed more room then why didn't they go somewhere else like the open plains where it was just ponds and open areas. He wondered where all the life was and why the machines were giving off this terrible smelling black smoke and why it was filling the air around him. He decided to go off to the little stream near his home a long time ago. He made it there and it was no longer a stream it was a full blown river with water rushing down. He wondered where all the water came from. Long ago there was this huge iceberg and it towered above the ocean. Sense he was a shadow he could travel the speed of light . he noticed that it was fairly hot compared to how it was before.


I was walking in the woods one day when I saw a bear walked onto a train. When the train came back there was blood everywhere I freaked out. When I got on the train I was scared, few minutes later we were close to my stop, something touched me on the shoulder when I turned my head nothing was there I got even more scared, I knew monsters were not real but I was still terrified. Finally I got to my stop I saw it was raining I opened my umbrella when I did I looked down when I did I saw feet, feet i have never seen before, I had a heart attack.

My name is Alexa don't let fear get to you unless you could freak out and die. If you don't want that to happen follow will smith's quote.

“Fear is not real.The only place that fear can exist is in your thoughts of the future.It is a product of are imagination, causing vs to fear things that do not at present, and may not ever exist, that is near insanity...Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real, But fear is a choice. We are telling ourselves a story.”

Made by:Alexandria/Alexa



When a door of the past

Closes at last

We always seem to know it.

When sadness seems

To fill ‘till it teems

We always seem to know it

When everything’s weak

All hopeless and bleak,

We always seem to know it.

We dwell on the past,

Until at last,

Another door opens;

And we never seem to know it.

Made by: Ian P-W



Summer we run,

We play in the sun.

By fall, the darkness hits us;

We are blind as bats;

By winter, we have adjusted;

But still we are cold.

Come spring we are rising,

We welcome the sun.

Then summer comes again,

And we, once more, strike gold.


Kamari’s story


As I woke up I noticed that the glowing necklace was gone....wait wait wait,we need to pause a see to introduce myself. First things first, my name is Nicole and I somehow is cursed with glowing, shiny,baby blue necklace that is a karma. Meaning that when someone does something wrong to another they get luck back and just 2 days ago I got that necklace wich makes me the queen of karma. Yeah I know that you’re thinking about how do I do school, but fortunately my teacher use to be the queen of karma, so she understands where i'm at. Oh yea, before now my teacher name is Mrs.Penutuina. Now to the future As I’m saying “WHERE IS MY NECKLACE!” I’m actually surprised no one heard me and the reason I'm worried is because without it someone can take this necklace to take and use as an advantage and for evil. When I say evil, I mean full heart on the devil, evil. IDK if that's true but who cares, I'm only a pleb. The necklace takes like full control of you, but it doesn't for me. Made by: Kamari cooper 🙂


Fear by Riley Glenn

Chapter 1

My name is sam I am 9 years old I have one sister and a dog. My mom works for nasa and my dad well he is in prison. My dad has always been partial to the environment and all living things but sometimes he goes a little to far. This time it was because a man olow the street from us was beating his dog and he ran to our house and got the turkey shoot and shoot the man in the leg and released the dog. Well thats my dad for you.My mom is the lead teen is born at nasa. Recently nasa was defunded by the government so my mom has been has been working more and more to not be released or dropped from nasa's employee list. My sister is 16 and just got her first car and to celebrate she went on a weekend trip with her and her friends. Earlier this year I got really sick and missed 14 days of school so yeah saturday school. Sadlee my dad always picked me up from school cause my mom worked in the days but with my dad in jail I have been forced to walk home every day from now till 9/18/25 my dads release date and even then he might still be on house arrest. On my way home which is not such a bad walk I mean it is only 2.5 miles. I stopped to eat a snack. While I was eating I had noticed about a block down there was a man Just standing there looking at me.

Chapter 2

He was tall had a white mask on black shirt black pants but one leg was a bandage. I packed my bag and when I looked up at the man was no longer there. I turned to go home and he was a block down on that side of the street I started to run home finally I got home. I'm pretty sure I lost him I went inside seeing my mother crying I said to her what's wrong she said to me I lost my job and rents due in one week. I got a little scared because with my dad in prison our family only had one channel of inccom. I went to my room to do homework. I sat down at my desk in the room and worked on homework I looked outside throw my window and saw the man there looking up at me but this time there was something different about him he had blood on his hands I quickly went down stairs to tell my mom about the man I saw and she said nothing but pointed to the tv and said watch as she rewinded the tape I got my bat. Then the local news report said wowman killed by local killer the woman was 25 and lived at 34 tune street then the door knocked.




Fear Is real fear is a thought I know fear wasn’t real than neither is happiness neither Is sadness If fear Isn't real than that means no emotion are real and just a big excuse to hide ourselves kinda like this a friend or mind once told me sorrys are just a way to hide insecurity so if emotions aren't really a thing and this “emotion” we call “happy” or “sad” or “mad” Is all fake then what are we ghost losers dying from the world always pushing us down then we say were ok but we are really hot we just act like it. Because that's the way the world fear is also a choice a choice of expression and worry In life. Fear Is the way most of Us choose to live because we half to were all “afraid” to this world of this so called fear so how do we say Its fake. Though how do we know everyone's fake nowadays so maybe It Is maybe all this Is a thought and u say ur scared all you really are Is In ur head.

Made by:Emma


One. Last. Time. That's all it took for me to raise the sharp blade that some may think as dangerous while I see it as my saviour. As it grinded against my snow white skin I felt a sigh of relief. Goodbye cruel world. As I dropped the shining cool metal that has been with me since this disaster started, I fell, fell on my knees, feel sobbing, while emotions fell, but what's new. As I let all my emotions out I crawled to my laptop. On the grey abject that some love while others can't bare to look at it. I clicked one final key and BOOM. My story was out.

By Shanzay Bashir



Hi, hello, hello, hi,

Hi there, hi hello.

Anyone, hi, hello, hello, hello,


Oh, hi, my name's really Hello,

listen to me, thank you.

My name's ughhh Aloha

hello, hi OMG, listen to me,

My name's Hello!

My name's Hello are you listening?

My name's Hello, hello do you get what I'm saying?

My name's hello, hello, there, hello, hi

hi hello, hello, hello, hi, hi there

hello there my name's hello

hi, hi hello, aloha are you listening


Finally, thank you, my name's Hello,

What's yours?

By Emma Roman



Why, I ask myself why,

why is life so difficult,

why is MY life so difficult,

I feel like I'm so alone,

even when I'm in a crowded

place, with all my friends I feel alone,

don't let anything or anyone push you down

if a girl or boy hurts you so bad you want to go

crawl in a hole and cry, don't do that, just

walk away and act like it never happened.

They need to learn who they just gave away.

If a bully bullies you at school, yes it hurts

but if they call you a name say "Thanks"

and walk away.

Life is full of disappointments, but what's in the

past is in the past.

So never ask yourself why, why am I here,

I did that for a while and it got me nowhere,

and now I know why I'm here.

I hope you try to do that too.

By Cessie Coffey


Hi, i’m an activist and i have certain beliefs about civil society. Nobody ever listens, so I protest about each policy about the dynamics of it. Towards the whole world i’m the leader, I always do something about it, and I always mind the gap. During this process, I’m on a hero’s journey to values equally important to credibility. My call to greatness is democracy. I trove the engagement to my wife and also I’m still trying to dispersed my protest all over the world. My tone of voice makes my wife feel free to love me. My son is in baseball and so awesome he makes the most dingers. My parents is giving me the most apathy towards me and my debating of my protest/country. My contiguous son loves to play tag. Sometimes I get deprived of sleep. I’m trying to identify my daughter’s boyfriend. I’m trying to cite the evidence on why my daughter LOVES him.

By Emma Roman





These three words summed up how i was feeling.

I was nowhere but it felt as if i was everywhere at the same time.

Then i woke.

Chapter One


I was lost.

I Dont know where.

I heard something.


I Could not tell what it was.

I walked forward and suddenly my vision turned white.

I was in a forest.

Something touched me on the back and i turned to look around.

Chapter Two.


By Thomas Lonabaugh


Chapter 1

By Isaac Valk

I got beat up today, not anything unusual. Me and my friends walked home and I went into my house, Kai is normally is not home for a while, he thinks he is tough and gets himself into trouble with Jeff, I appreciate him standing up for me and Jese, but he’s going to get himself killed! So what is the point anyway? Why is he just hurting himself if Jeff won’t stop. When I walked in the door my mom asks “Is anything wrong?” I turned around and my mom drops a plate in shock she puts her hands over her mouth with tears in her eyes. My dad came down the stairs running and sees me and he just stares at me, then I just walked to my room and went to sleep. The next morning I woke up and realized I had bandages on my face that weren’t there before.


The Homeless

By McColl Goding

i want to make a change in this world. i want to make a change to all the homeless people in this world because it is a terrible thing.there are several things i have done to try to help.i need you guy's help to end this terrible thing.if you want to make a change in your life listen to me and speak up about what your passionate about.there are over 1m homeless people in this world which is ridiculus. i will be breaking down how we can help and why people are homeless. if you think people are homeless because they do drugs and make terrible decisions,your wrong that is only about 15% of homeless people out of 100%. a lot of homeless people cannot find jobs aand cannot pay rent.some people are racist and when you get a job they have to know everything about you and if your black,asian lesbian,gay,bysexually,transgender,sometimes people won't let you get jobs because of who you are and that is so dumb.they can't make money so they become homeless.a lot of veterines are homeless because after the war sometimes they got knowhere to go,or they get divorced and get no money.they fought for our country so always give them money. a lot of homeless people have dogs and the dogs starve to death and they are traped in the cold.there are several people who fight for homeless rights and they give it there 110% every day and they were not lazy.they are remembered for making a change. no matter what your activist project is,the first thing you need is to find your voice.parents need to listen to there kids more often. let's face it............ kids are right 75% of the time.we have been right.our parents don't notice that though and it is so innoying and think you were wrong.parents need to listen to there kids can make a change just speak up and help out.and always remember don't do good things for attention,do it because it's right and your passionate about it.this week is kindness week so do something kind and always smile,that's the word. i hope you can help me with my project,or maybye start your own.



By Cessie Coffey

If you have ever been bullied, you should know how it feels. Being bullied is not fun, bullies can be very mean and hurtful, and make some people do some bad stuff, including suicide thoughts and they mostly put people in horrible depression. If you are being bullied, make sure you tell an adult you trust. The reason bullies are rude and hurtful is because something that hurts them at home and they normally put it down on the less popular kids. Here's something to remember when you say something is it: True, Kind, and Necessary? When you're up against a bully, DO NOT BE RUDE BACK, just ignore them. Also remember, God is always with you. Even if you're a bully. So try to tell them about God and how great He is, try this for 5 minutes and if that does not work then tell and adult. Don't be a bully.


The Girl

By Diego Huerta




The Attack

By Ean Oakden

Hi, my name is Berd, B.E.R.D., Berd. I am in my shelter right now. It won't last forever, I won't last forever either if these things keep chasing me. I heard if they bite you you're gone, you become one of them. They are not zombies. Let me stop myself before I get too off track. Let me tell you how this started. On a normal day I was chilling with my dog, Bud until the news flashed...

Part 2

I looked at the TV and apparently some disease is going around, some dog has it and it is very contagious. If you get bit you turn into a dog. I meant they turn you into a dog. They take you apart, make you into a dog, and eat the extra body parts. So I got out of my house, brought Bud, hopped on my bike, and went to my car. I hopped in. The reporter said, "Already three cities have been taken over." Until I heard growls, there must have been dogs at the station. Until I hear loud noises and scratch sounds and them eating. It must have been them...

To be continued...


The Fake Christmas Tree

By Jomar Wells

In Christmas tree forest, that an old gardener made, there were old, young, youth, infant trees. The old man bought a fake tree and put it in the Christmas tree forest. They looked at the gardener as they are saying their greetings, they ask "what is it?" He covered it and says it's a surprise, the Christmas tree forest is actually inside. He quickly unboxed it and plugged it up. They pretended to be excited, but they could not wait until the gardener left to make fun of it. When he left they said, "You think you're all cool because you're already lit up". The poor thing wanted to go back into the box. It convinced itself it would make friends at his new home. They started to hurt his feelings, they called him short, called him impostor. The medium sized tree said, "The vote on who will be in the living room for Christmas is tomorrow twerp, be ready to lose", he snickered. That got me filled with excitement, but he said, "I hope I win". They all said, "Not a chance". He went to sleep because they made him cry.

Everyone got ready, the dad yelled in the microphone, "Got your sticky notes? Go pick your vote!" They rushed in observing while little tree was in a corner. Everyone rushed to it and voted him. He got super excited as the other trees gossiped about him. The gardener took a look and brought him out. "This is the tree with the most votes!" They clapped. It's time to decorate it. He was happy he was the winner.


Why People should Believe Me

By, Selah

When I turn on the radio at Christmas time, it seems like all I hear is my song, Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer. It is so sad to hear. People laugh at my song, they say that it is hilarious and they are so glad that they can finally see me. I wrote that song because my grandma really did get run over by a reindeer. They think it is a fairytale. They think it was a joke. It isn’t. It actually happened. Same with my song I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus. I did see her, I said that over and over in that song, but people again say it is a joke. I do not understand. They hear that Santa Claus is a fairy tale. I have seen him a lot. Over and over again his present to me says he is sorry that he killed my grandma, and here is a sorry present, but all I get from him is a rock, a plain old rock. Why is this world so cruel to people like me???


Steamed Hams

By Benjamin Klein

"Superintendent Chalmers, I'm glad you could make it! I hope you're ready for an unforgettable luncheon!" said Seymour with delight. Seymour went into his kitchen to get his baked ham. But what he found was shocking. His baked ham was on fire! "Dear god, my roast is ruined!" he said. But with a poorly animated face (thanks Matt Groeng), Seymour said with menace, "But what if, I were to purchase fast food and disguised it as my own? Oh-ho! Delightfully devilish Seymour!" Then Superintendent Chalmers went into his kitchen and said, "Is that smoke coming out of your oven?" Seymour replied, "No, it's the steam, from the steamed clams were having! Mmm, steamed clams!" Then Chalmers said, "What are you you doing on the window?" Seymour replied,"Oh I'm doing a window-leg stretches! A very good exercise! Care to come join?" Chalmers just walked out of the kitchen with no response. "Whew!" Seymour said in relief. Then he jumped out of the window, and ran to the Krusty Burger to purchase some burgers. "Superintendent Chalmers, I hope your ready to eat!" said Seymour when he came back into the dining room. "I thought you said we were having steamed clams." Chalmers said. Seymour replied,"Oh no, I said steamed hams." Chalmers replied, "Where did this steamed hams come from?" Seymour replied,"It's a regional dialect." Then Chalmers said,"What region?" Seymour replied, "Uhh, upstate New York." Chalmers took a bite out of this "steamed ham". "You know, these taste a lot like the ones they have at Krusty." Seymour replied,"Oh no, they're Seymour burgers! Old family recipe!" Seymour said. Then Chalmers said, "Despite the fact that they are steamed, they are obviously grilled." Seymour was stuttering like crazy when he heard that. Then Chalmers said, "Well, I better get goin- DEAR GOD WHAT IS THAT!" Seymour replied, "Uhh, aurora borealis." Chalmers replied, "AURORA BOREALIS! AT THIS TIME OF YEAR, AT THIS TIME OF DAY, LOCALIZED ENTIRELY WITHIN YOUR KITCHEN!" Then he said,"Well Seymour, I'm going to leave, but I must say, you steam a good ham." Then Seymour's mom screamed, "HELP! HELP! THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!"


The Missing Notebook

By Haley McMahan

Part 1

One day there was a notebook on a shelf by itself and a little girl came running in the store and wanted a notebook. She picked the one on the shelf, but what she did not know was that she picked a haunted book. This 14 year old girl had to find it out on her own.

Part 2

The 14 year old girl took the notebook home with her and started writing in there. The little girl opened up to the next clear page and it said to not put me near water, tuck me in at night, read me a bedtime story, and don't leave me alone. One night she went to brush her teeth and had the notebook with her water. So when she went to bed and woke up, the notebook was gone.

Part 3

The poor 14 year old girl woke up and expected to go brush her teeth and get her notebook and go to school, but NO!!!! Her notebook was gone, only 5 minutes to find it, she did not know where to look. She thought she left it in the bathroom and she did...

So she went to find her parents to ask them if they saw it and they said it was on her bed last night and she said "Wow, I put it on the bathroom counter and went to bed". She got on the bus without it so when she got to school she ate breakfast, and then went to class. She went to her seat and looked and the notebook was there. She unpacked and went to her locker, came back and it was gone.

Part 4

Windy had no idea about what to do so she went home that day feeling weird, but on the way home she remembered reading about the rules. She could not remember what they were so she had a mission. When she got home she started looking, but it was not there but she went to her room and closed the door. On the back of the door was the notebook taped so she took it and started reading. Now she knows the rules, but when she tried to write in it, it would not work. She looked at the next page and it said, "Well you think you can't follow the rules and get away with it, well now I'm mad. Good luck or not." From The Notebook

Part 5

Windy was scared now, the book was writing by itself. She thought in herself and wondered why, how, what. So she was going to bed, she tucked the book in and read it a story then she went to bed. The next morning she went to school and the notebook was gone when she woke up. She did not worry, but she was worried about how the book was going to get back at her. What she did not know was that the notebook was pranking her by trashing her room. She got home and saw that her room was a mess so she cleaned it and looked for the notebook. She found it and turned to the next clean page and it said,

"Dear little girl, You think you can return me right, but no, I will be here forever, and um, well, I have one more rule: don't break anymore rules."

Part 6

"Dear little girl, I'm counting on you to not break any more rules because you're out of toilet paper, but I'll find something else to use. Windy thought to herself again. She wondered what the notebook was going to do and to tell her mom to buy more toilet paper that she just bought. So Windy went to school with her notebook, but what she didn't know was that the notebook was waiting, hoping. She would see it soon!

Notebook to readers:


Part 7

Well Windy did find the note later that day, but it said, "Do not let readers read", so she read it and got to work. She got a map ready, but then it was suppertime. She had pizza and did her rules to her notebook, check if there was anymore writing and went to bed. She wondered what the notebook did not want the readers to know. She woke up and saw a clue and she read it. It said, "Where do you learn explosions?" She thought to herself, what does that mean. Well she took the learning and came up with school and then explosion. She thought, "Um, oh I know, science."

Part 8

Well she went to school in a rush, she even skipped breakfast. She went straight to the 3rd floor, she looked at the school's big volcano and saw another clue, it said, "Where the birds go chirping". She thought for a second. "Oh, oh, mascot!" She ran to the main floor, found the mascot and saw another clue, it said," I am at home with a clue, go to class and learn", now she was regretting not eating breakfast.

Part 9

Windy was so excited to go home she rushed through everything so it would go faster. She wanted to find the clue. She got home and looked everywhere. She found it in her parents' bedroom, it said, "Took you long enough", tick tock tick tock, so she ran to the clock and found a piece of paper. "You fell for it! This was a test to see if you would listen to me."

Part 10

"Hello, now that I know you will listen to me, time for some fun.

From Notebook

It was one sunny morning on a Saturday, Wendy was reading a book about notebooks to try to figure out how the notebook can do what it does. She was debating on rather to tell her parents or not. She decided not to because she thought her parents would not believe her. She did not want to bring the book back to the store, she wanted to become friends with the book so she had another mission to become friends with the book withoutthe book knowing. The book appeared on the bed and scared Wendy, but she got over it once she realized she opened the book and read "Time to start your training!" Wendy said, "Training for what???". What will happen next?

Part 11

It was the next morning, Wendy was ready to go for training, but she still wanted to become friends. Well it was Sunday so she had all day to train. "Hello, meet me outside on the back porch for your training." She went outside and the notebook was there she read it and it said, "You are going to train to be my sidekick whenever I need something you get it for me. That means I have to go to school with you. Oh, and by the way, congratulations, you completed your training." So Wendy got everything the notebook asked. Then she went to bed for school and woke up and went and the notebook had a task for her, but she did not know it yet.

To be continued...

Part 12

"Well hello Wendy I hope you had a nice night because today is going to be an adventure." Well, let's get started I hope it's to be easy, Wendy said, whatever we're doing. The notebook was not talking, would not tell her where they were going and they ended up at a weird field with some dug up dirt. "These are my friends, well they were." I think it was a cemetery and it was. "I was once not alone on that bookshelf I had friends, but they died because their owners did not treat them well and if I run out of room to write in my book I will die." Wendy felt sad and scared at the same time, but now she knew she had to come up with a way to make more pages.


Turkey trouble By Anne Loveless

Every year it's the same old story farmer john wakes up goes to the coop grabs a relative of mine last year it was my dad they wanted turkey. The year before my sister they were in the mood for fried chicken. They never pick the pigs they just don’t like ham. one time i was outside the warm coop i smelled corn! The corn was so buttery and glazed with this sweet goop it was warm and thin. Though every year all these people come over to our house. There is this really big lady who smells awful! Like she rolled around in dead flowers and alcohol.No not rolled bathed in it. This year it’s my turn to be the chosen one. They've been feeding me tons for weeks now i'm nice and fat i should be chosen any minute now.


Once in a time there was a box and in a persons house and in that box was a box full of Donuts. but the Donuts were not normal Donuts, the box was not a normal box and the house,it was all Warm. See warm Donuts can be good or bad,you may like them like me, or you hate them, and if you don't like warm Donuts,I Will Find You. One day there was a man named Tim and it was a normal day he woke up went out side and saw a giant box of warm Donuts got eaten by the warm Donuts. Jackson made this while eating warm Donuts.

By Jackson Kennerly


3 Shots in a Row

By Aleeza Iqbal

I'm home alone after coming back from a long day of 6th grade, just doing my homework, as usual. As i'm counting aloud to myself, "7x5=35+2....." Suddenly my windows dramatically shattered into pieces. These threatening sounds are killing innocent lives. "BANG, BANG, BANG"It calls out again. People are screaming, dogs are barking, and I, I don't know what the heck to do. I looked out my window and instantly see flashing blue and red lights. I turned on the news, and see people going to hospitals, and FBI agents. "WHAT"S GOING ON!!!" I asked myself in an aghast way. The world just seems so negative. I went outside of my house with a BB gun (That's all I could find) to find some help. All of a sudden I felt a huge gust of pain rushing through my leg. All I saw was a fountain of blood coming out. This women with red hair and hazel eyes picked me up and took me too the hospital. i didn't know what was happening at this point. The second I opened my eyes, I saw my parents standing there with flowers in there hands and tears dripping down there faces. Then I knew that I was safe!


You are CRAZY if you think your parents love you when they don't. Instead of my parents telling me "It's ok, next time just try harder" when you get a "D" on your report card, my parents beat the crap out of me. What should I do, call the cops? You know i'm only 7. Should I tell my teacher or my basketball coach? WHAT SHOULD I DO? My mom doesn't physically hit me though. She just tells me very cruel and uninspiring things to me like, "Your more retarded than a snail" or "Your face is uglier than a pug" or something like that. On the other hand, my dad beats me. BAD! He used to throw bricks at me and when I was a baby, he used to kick me and throw me around! LITERALLY! I used to scream and cry and honestly, I still do! Why don't my parents understand me? Why do they hate me so much? Do they care about me? WHY?......... TO BE CONTINUED!

By Aleeza Iqbal


One day it was a little girl named Izzy/Isabel. She was like a person who loves to imagine, like dragons, unicorns, fairies, and mermaids. She was always thought that when somebody makes her sad or if something makes her sad, when she imagined something it would come true, but who knows it can be true and can't be. Now up to her age now, which is 15 now... OH NO NOT THE TEEN AGE! "Mom can I go to the Halloween Party with Monica." "Let me think while you're at school." "Ok, love you!" "Love you too, bye Izzy!" "Mom it's Isabel, bye!" While I was walking on the way too school, I was imagining of dragons swooping down down to fly me to school, so I don't have to walk there. Then all of a sudden I felt the whist of the wind very close like I'm flying, but obviously I wasn't until I opened my eyes and I saw...

By Kamari Cooper


Mysteries by Anthony K. Johnson

Long long ago there was a young boy by the name of Sam. He didn't have very many friends, he was sort of strange. Him and his mother went out into the woods for a picnic when something bad happened...they got killed by the robbers. Vroom, Vroom...The car sang, "Oh well, there is your father." "You guys have a great day", said Grandpa. So they drove off. When they got home the dad put the boy to bed and, well you know the rest... The next morning the kid woke you to find that his mother and father were gone. He thought that both of them went to work but when he called to check on both of them the only thing he heard was, "and all the parents are dead it is up to the children to fight for their freedom and..."


Thanksgiving Story

By Anthony K. Johnson

One Thanksgiving day there was a family that was very active. There were three kids living at the house, two boys and one girl and their mom and the dad. So it was a very active day for them. They had to do all of their chores and get ready for Thanksgiving. When the mom was getting everything ready for the dinner and she was thinking to herself saying, "I'm forgetting something". So she was looking around the house trying to find what she was missing. She looked at the dinner table and she saw what she was missing, it was the turkey. So she sat there and thought to herself and said how could I forget that? So she got into the car and drove to the grocery store and the line to get in was horrific. So the mom drove to a different store and they were closed and so were the rest for the holiday. The mom was in a mental state where she was just upset and was not happy. A few minutes later a mom with two kids saw her and gave her their turkey and that made the mom's day so she thanked the women and went home to cook the turkey. When she got home the father was passed out and the kids were held at gun point while the one burgler was robbing the place. The mom saw and so she was being very sneaky and knocked one burgler out, went for the other one but she could not find him until, WHAM!!!...