Clyde A. Erwin High School


For each graduating class, Clyde A. Erwin High Schools recognizes the accomplishments of a number of students and honors the work of students through several different award programs.

Top Scholars

Honors Graduates

Subject Area Excellence Awards

PRIDE Awards

Additional Recognitions (including Scholar Athlete and Most Improved)

More information about each of these programs and how students qualify can be found on the page for the most recent graduating class in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

This page announcing and preserving the Academic Awards at Erwin High School arose from the need for virtual recognitions for the graduating class of 2020 and as such, that page is currently the only one available. As we worked, however, we decided that a space for award recognition should be included on our website for all graduating classes, past and future, to celebrate our students' accomplishments. We will update these archives with the information for previous graduating classes as we are able and that information is available.

The pages for the current graduating classes will remain the top page until the next year's awards are announced, generally in May of the graduating year, at which time the previous year will be moved to the archives.