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*All students enrolled in a distance learning course and their parents/guardians should read and sign a contract.  Signed copies will be stored at the student's base school. 

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A-B Tech / College Career Promise (CCP)

(Currently available courses and application forms can be found on our Distance Learning Catalog Page)

Program Overview

The A-B Tech Career & College Promise (CCP) dual-enrollment program is an excellent opportunity for qualified high school students to take tuition-free college classes, many of which transfer seamlessly to public and private universities in North Carolina. Participating students earn both high school and college credit, tuition free.  

High school AND college credit is awarded upon successful completion of A-B Tech courses.  Those courses that transfer directly to the university system carry advanced credit in high school and earn an additional quality point (equivalent to AP quality points for students who entered high school in the 2015-16 school year or later). A-B Tech courses use college textbooks, course syllabi, and grading policies, and are taught with the same rigor as those taught to college students.  High school students are reminded that all A-B Tech classes will be included on a student’s college transcript, which follows the student through his or her post-secondary years, regardless of educational goals.

All textbooks and any applicable fees must be paid for by the student in most cases.

Visit the A-B Tech Bookstore to find the books required for your class. 

DUAL CREDIT - Students enrolled in CCP courses can earn college credit hours and high school credit at the same time.  

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS - In addition to saving money and earning high school credits, students also gain these benefits:

THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE YOU ENROLL - In order to make sure that CCP courses are a good option, students should ask themselves these questions:


(Currently available courses and application forms can be found on our Distance Learning Catalog Page)