Advanced Learning in BCS

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Welcome to the Advanced Learning in BCS Google Site! We are thrilled to support you in your work with advanced learners and strive to provide information and materials that will help you grow the brains of our highest achievers. Whether your student is formally identified as Academically or Intellectually Gifted or is working at an advanced level, we want to help you challenge him or her for maximum growth. Feel free to contact Mrs. Chris Cutshall with questions or suggestions for our site!

As you look at this introductory page, please note the tabs across the top right of the header. From these links, you can get information about the specifics of our AIG plan, resources to address the needs of gifted learners during the global pandemic, activities for home enrichment and support, and more. We are always striving to add information that will help you as a parent!

BCS continuum of services for advanced learners.pdf

This graphic will help you understand the many options that are available to advanced learners in BCS.

We strive to be responsive to student needs for additional academic challenge and enrichment.

Please reach out to your student's teacher with questions about services for which your student may indicate a need!

Does My Student Need AIG Services.mp4

How might I know if my student needs additional support from the AIG program?

What is the process for AIG identification in Buncombe County Schools?

1c. Nomination - Parent (K-12).pdf

Download the Parent Nomination Form above.

AIG Identification Process for BCS.mp4
11. Identification Criteria 2019-2022.pdf

Review the standards for identification in BCS above.

Transition to BCS info movie.mp4

We are new to Buncombe County Schools but had worked with another school system's AIG program. How does AIG identification work for my student?