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Family Technology Support

Please take a look at the Family Technology Guide and the tutorials below for how to navigate the virtual learning environment. These videos will support you as you design a learning space in your home, set up your learning equipment, and navigate digital learning tools.

Virtual Independent Study Family Technology Guide

Setting Up Your Devices

How to Login to your Chromebook

How to Charge a Chromebook

How to Connect a Chromebook to Wifi

Activate Orbic Speed Hotspot

Activate Ellipsis Jetpack Hotspot

Parent Square

Sign Up and Activate Parent Square

Use the Parent Square App

How to Use the Parent Square App

Google Classroom

Access Google Classroom

Join a Google Classroom with a Code

Turn in Assignment in Google Classroom

Upload Images to Google Classroom Assignments


How to Login to my Teacher's Zoom Meeting?

How to Chat in a Zoom Meeting?

How to Open a Link in a Zoom Meeting?

How to Split My Screen to See Zoom and the Internet?


How to take a
STAR Test?

How to take an
AR Test?

What is a STAR Assessment?

Frequently Used Tech Tools

What is Google Drive and How Do I Organize it?

Creating Files in Google Drive

What are Google Docs?

Share a Google Doc with Someone Else