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Our Virtual Independent Study program is an alternative to in person learning available to all BCSD students whose health would be put at risk by in-person instruction as determined by the student's parent or guardian. In Virtual Independent Study students attend a full day of online instruction that is substantially equivalent in quality, intellectual challenge, and quantity to in-person classroom instruction. Students in Virtual Independent Study will have the access to the same services and resources that are available to other students and will have equal rights and privileges.

Steps for Enrollment/Reenrollment

Step 1

Form: Fill out the waiting list form. To complete this step, click on the following link: https://go.bcsd.com/jk7

Step 2

District Contact: Based on availability in our Virtual Independent Study program, a representative from our Student Services Department at Bakersfield City School District will make contact with the parent to schedule an appointment.

Step 3

CBIS Contract: Parents will sign the Course Based Independent Study Contract and pick up text books at the District Office at the scheduled time and receive information on how to join for the first day of Virtual Independent Study. Parents also have the right to request a pupil-parent-educator conference meeting before enrollment.

Steps for Disenrollment or Withdrawal

Step 1

School of Residence: Parents should visit students school or residence and request withdrawal from Virtual Independent Study

Step 2

Withdrawal Form: Parent will fill out and sign the Withdrawal Form.

Step 3

Enrollment: The school of residence will complete the steps for enrollment and depending on the time of day the student will begin in person instruction that same day or the day following.

Virtual Independent Study Information Meetings

Parent Meeting Course-Based ISP 21-22

Virtual Independent Study Parent Meeting Presentation

SPANISH Parent Meeting Course-Based ISP 21-22

Reuniones de padres para el estudio independiente basado en cursos

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