Family Community Engagement

RPEMS Family Community Engagement Team(Engagement Team)

The Family Community Engagement team is a committee of the School Family Council and a member of Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development(BUILD).We work to build the capacity of our school community to act on our common interests. We do this through a continuous cycle of training leaders to:

  • listen and relate to members of our community,,
  • engage community members based on their common interests,
  • develop an action plan,
  • execute the plan, and
  • evaluate our effectiveness.

We're always looking for more members!

  • Do you have a sense that there are talented people in our community that we aren't tapping into?
  • Do you want to identify and develop new talent to feed the leadership pipeline for all of the various committees and groups at RPEMS?
  • Do you want to tap into people's energy and passion, even if it doesn't fit into one of our existing committees or groups?

If so, the Engagement Team is the place for you.

The Build Engagement Team has helped with the following:

  • led the community through a process of developing a 5 year plan.
  • provided BUILD leadership development training to PTA president, climate committee co-chair and other key leaders
  • gotten the resources in place to improve the traffic during drop off and pickup - we will talk more about this later

In 2012-13 we:

  • organized and facilitated community meetings to identify the selection criteria as part of our school's principal selection process,
  • partnered with Mr. D'Ambrosio to solicit community input in developing the 2013/14 school budget, and
  • worked with the Baltimore Education Coalition (BEC) to win $1.2B to implement phase I of City Schools' 21st Century Buildings Plan to fully modernize and renovate all City Schools.

Key initiatives for 2013/14

  • Grow and develop leaders across all areas of the community,
  • Gather community input in the 5 year plan,
  • Improve school communication.

We are also actively engaged in the School Construction and Funding taskforces of the Baltimore Education Coalition. Click here to learn more about our work on school funding and school construction.

Collaboration with other groups

  • Leaders from the PTA, the Climate Committee, the school administration, and the FCE team are jointly participating in the BUILD leadership development training so that they can apply the training within their own areas of interest,
  • Representatives from the FCE and Climate committee are partnering together to address the challenge of how we can more effectively welcome families (both new and old) to our middle school community.
  • The FCE is partnering with some of the class parents to provide training and support in their efforts to engage parents in their class.