School Counseling Department

Middle School Counselors

Janet Fonda:


Serves all 5th and 6th grade students

Office: Room 300

Gina Queen:


Serves all 7th and 8th Grade students

Office: Room 201

10/4/18 - HIGH SCHOOL CHOICE for 8th Graders:

8th graders, the fall months are a time of researching your High School Choice options in multiple ways and working hard to earn good grades and attendance. Your school counselor Ms. Queen is your main contact person (your 'school choice liaison') for this process. She is located in Room 201.

The City Schools' Office of Enrollment and Attendance oversees the High School Choice process for 8th graders. Stay tuned to this webpage for more information. Your High School Choice Application is due by January 18, 2019 and high school assignment letters will be mailed to students' homes in early March 2019. Students and parents, feel free to contact Ms. Queen at the email address above to schedule a conference if you wish to discuss your options. She will also be spending time with you during class to give out information.

We have seen much growth in our 8th graders over the past two school years. With continued hard work and focus on the future, you surely will be ready for success in high school!

Important Notes regarding High School Choice:

1) 8th Grade Students' ADDRESS CHANGES: You might not receive your High School Acceptance Letter if you have had an address change during middle school. We can't update your address on the school computer unless you bring in two official proofs of address (BGE, telephone bill, water bill, SS/DSS/IRS government mail). Please bring copies of these documents to the Main Office or to Ms.Queen (Room 201) and please be sure that the student's name is written on the documents.

3) Ingenuity@Poly is a separate application in addition to the School Choice Application. Their application is usually available by November on their website at Their application has a separate due date to be announced on their website.

Stay tuned to ClassRoom Parent emails and our school website for new information as we receive it. In the meantime, please visit to use the school search tool, and also plan to attend various high schools’ open houses and also the School Choice Fair on December 8, 2018 at the Baltimore City Convention Center.

2) Parent and/or Student High School Choice CONFERENCES - Ms. Queen is available for questions or to schedule an appointment at 410-396-6420 or by email (see address above).

4) PRIVATE SCHOOL APPLICATIONS - If you are applying to a private school, parents need to obtain applications from those schools, as well as arrange Open House and/or shadowing (give your homeroom teacher a written note when you are shadowing to be marked present). When giving Ms. Queen a Transcript Request, please be sure to include a large brown pre-addressed pre-stamped envelope for each school. This will greatly expedite the process for your transcript to arrive at the private school in a timely and reliable manner!

Thank you!