Policy Analyst, Public Opinion

Position ID: 19-1-01 | Level 3 Position | Volunteer (Term Established)

BCCIC Climate Change Policy & Research Division

Description & Context

BCCIC is looking for a qualified volunteer to play a key role in supporting BCCIC’s Climate Initiative, with the intent of advancing public policies that promote more ambitious climate action and translate global solutions into local context. The volunteer will assist with the Initiative’s Policy and Research Division in a leadership role coordinating research and reporting on climate policy and public opinion on climate issues.

Tasks & Responsibilities
  • Work with other BCCIC volunteers in a leadership role to carry out a large-scale youth opinion reporting project including leading youth consultations, creating and facilitating distribution of survey materials, assisting the Assistant Research Analyst, Public Opinion;
  • Conduct research into effective climate communications, just transitions and other relevant topics;
  • Complete any necessary reporting as required;
  • Support the work of the Climate Change Initiative in general.
What makes a good fit?
  • Passionate about Climate action and Climate policy,
  • Strong research and writing skills,
  • Proven leadership abilities,
  • Knowledge of climate policy an asset
  • Wanting to gain valuable work experience in the non-profit sector
  • Creative, motivated to volunteer in a highly productive organization
  • Ideal for university students who are majoring in political science, economics, international relations, and sustainability
Learning and Skill Development Component
  • Experience in policy analysis;
  • Familiarity with the work flow of the non-profit sector and civil society operations;
  • Expansion of professional networks in global climate action and international environmental politics;
  • Strengthening communications skills.
Experience Level

Level 3: Good knowledge on public policy issues and some experience in project management and policy analysis required. This corresponds to third- or fourth-year post-secondary education or 1-2 years of experience in policy or project coordination area. Some positions may require issue-specific knowledge.

Hours per Week

6.5 hours/week

BCCIC staff will work with you to set the number of hours you wish to commit to on a weekly or monthly basis. In the past, BCCIC volunteers have generally committed to 6-15 hours a week.

Starting Date

September 27, 2019

Volunteering with BCCIC is flexible, but to reduce volunteer turnover we hope for volunteers of this position to stay with us for a minimum of 4 months.



Please note that we encourage volunteers to volunteer in-person during regular office hours at least half of the committed volunteering time. The location will be BCCIC’s downtown office.

Level of Complexity of Tasks Expected

This position requires close attention to detail, clear communication, and strong organizational skills, including the ability to multi-task effectively. The tasks are not overly complex in nature but successful candidate is expected to be comfortable in finding and proposing solutions to challenges encountered and thus strong problem solving skills would be an asset.

Supervision Provided

The Policy Analyst will work independently under the supervision of the BCCIC Climate Change Policy & Research Coordinator who will oversee the volunteer's overall mentorship and guidance. For specific tasks, direct supervision will be provided by various members of the climate change team including the Multilateral Affairs Coordinator, Public Affairs & Communications Coordinator, the Liaison Officer, and the Executive Coordinator. Training and guidance will be provided for each project/task but the volunteer will be expected to work independently to complete assignments and tasks. More complex duties will be monitored with the appropriate level of guidance from the supervisor/project lead, and the volunteer is expected to defer to the supervisor or project lead when any judgment or decision is required outside of established parameters. A BCCIC account will be set up for the volunteer with all functions a G-Suite provides.

Question about this position?

Please do not hesitate to contact Bronwyn Moore, Policy & Research Coordinator of BCCIC Climate Change if you have any questions regarding this volunteer position.

bronwyn.climate@bccic.ca / Please write « Volunteer Position Question: PA, Public Opinion » as the email title