Come and see what we are creating in Room 311, Seventh Grade Science, at Bethlehem Center Middle School!

The seventh grade students created recycling projects from the items they put in their garbage at home. They were to make something useful out of items which have a low decomposition rate such as plastic, nylon, metal, or textiles. They did a wonderful job this year, so please take a look!

Kylie Smith

Dog toys and container

made from coffee can,

plastic water bottle, and

recycled t-shirts

Albert Medlen

Geometric chair made

of cardboard,

newspaper, and spray

foam insulation.

Savannah Wagers

Pillow made of a

recycled t-shirt,

hand sewn, and stuffed

with old t-shirts as well.

Kinsey Vest

Padded chair made of a metal barrel,

with cushion top,

aluminum accent strip,

and under the seat storage.

Nevaeh Carpenter

Wooden palatte bookshelf

kept with original

weathering finish

for rustic decor.

Gina DiFilippo

Clock made of a

recycled frisbee,

bottle caps, clock works,

and old paint.

Blake Bedillion

Lantern made of water

bottles, recycled nylon

cords, old paint,

and flashlights.

Tyler Pasquale

Snack bowls

made from old

phonograph albums

Meagan McGrady

Lamp shade made

of a recycled mixing bowl

with aluminum foil base

Nick Yorty

Hanging planter made

of plastic bottles and

old paint.

Scott Midkiff

Shower head made

of a water bottle.

Jasper Berish

Decorative desk

organizer made from

plastic water bottles, paper towel tubes,

used hemp rope, and paint.

Art credit: Jasper's mom

Blake Kerik

Homemade mouse trap made of a recycled bucket,plastic water bottle, old screen and, of course, peanut butter

Mouse climbs the screen and rolls off of the coated bottle into the bucket.

Blake Henry

Lantern from plastic

tea bottle and

old Christmas lights

Domonik Revi

Sprinkler system made of

old hose and a two liter

bottle...expandable into

several units

Gavin Durkin

Cell phone amplifier made

of plastic cups

and paper towel tubes.

Jakob Bruno

Snack bowl

made from an old

phonograph album

Lily Nichols

Crafty organizer made of

plastic snack container and

recycled jeans

Ciarra Rugg

Pen holder made of

popsicle sticks, old plastic

container, and leftover


Bianca Abbott

Pet bed made of a tire,

material scraps, and an

old pillow.

Gianna Petersen

Planter made of

recycled gutters,

palattes, and paint

Sara Grimes

Decorative lights made of

plastic water bottles, old

wood, and battery powered lights

Elizabeth Logan

Trash recepticles

made of

juice bottles

Skyler Rose-Zangla

Decorative garbage cans from old pvc lamp shade, Christmas lights, and craft decals

Haylie Work

Lamp made of used

plastic spoons and

lamp parts

Makayla Smith

Modern jewelry made

of pop tabs, extra cord,

and antique medallion

Medallion credit to Makayla's Grandma

Samira Popielarczyk

Sitting stool made

of a pvc bucket,

nylon cord,

and recycled pillow top

Daimien Wadsworth

Self-watering planters using capillary action through string made from 2-liter bottles

Eden Delaney

Raincoat from plastic

shopping bags and


Ethan Haines

Relaxing waterfall and candleholder made from plastic containers, foil, and halloween costume pump

Sara Smalley

No-Sew Shopping Bag

made of a


Ryan Bittner

Drink floatee or boat

model made of

plastic water

bottles and twine

Jacob Stauffer

Wind chime made

of a food can

and painted

bottle caps

Josh Nichols

Weatherproof camping

toilet paper dispenser

made of a wooden dowel

and plastic juice bottle

Gabby Kress

Container sheets

made of cotton

t-shirts dipped

in beeswax

Evalee Binns

Wall hanger with hooks

made of re-claimed barn

wood and welded, used


Alexis Greenawalt

Chair/stool with storage

unit made of a wooden

palatte and old paint

Bryce Bobbs

Stool with storage unit

made of a tire

and wood scraps

Tyler Berish

Floatee chair made

of duct tape and

plastic water bottles

Zac Sussan

Plastic bag dispenser

made with a plastic

juice bottle and

particle board

Emma Andre

Book shelf and coat

hanger made

with an old chair

and paint

Gavin Binns

Herb garden made

of soda bottles

and used wood

Jaydan Sawyers

Homemade fire

extinguishers made of

plastic soda bottles

Chayce Crawford

Candle lanterns

made of aluminum

cans and paint

Gracie Haught

Candle lanter made

of tin vegetable cans

Arianna Edwards

Reading lamp with

pages of favorite book

J. J. Paternoster

Lamp made out

of plastic bottle and

Christmas lights

Eli Barbacow

Guinea pig cage sections

made from plastic coffee

can, soda can box, and

strawberry container

Stefan Day

Shopping bag made

of Kool-Aid packets

and duct tape

Sarah Painter

Ottoman/seat made of

wood, used padding,

and a blanket

Kendyl Ferguson

Kitty hut made of

old t-shirts, wire,

and wood base

Jordan Centofonti

Jewelry tray and hanger

made of plastic 2-liter

bottles and used hardware

Jacklyn Blayney

Shopping bag/Puppy carry

bag made of dog food

bags and clear tape

Natasha Pinkney

Clock made with recycled,

painted spoons and

old kitchen clock

Haylee Lingis

Organizer containers made of food cans, rolledmagazine pages, and craft supplies

Aubree Wisniewski

Pet bed made with

a tire, old pillow,

and crafting decorations

Brock Thomas

Waste receptical

made from a

plastic milk jug

Sarah Sellers

Honeybee decoration

made of a plastic

water bottle

Pete Matusky

Planter made of butter

containers and a

wooden palatte

Miranda Strawn

Lantern made of a

mason jar, old paint

and natural twine

Hunter Faure

Windsocks made of

food cans, string,

and crafting ribbon

Makala Sellers

Pineapple themed

lampshade made of

painted plastic spoons

Jai'Lyn Jeter

Insect decorations made

of plastic bottles and

construction paper

Hannah Zelnis

Moving book shelf stool made of an industrial spool, bed padding, and material.