2018-2019 Superheroes

Come and see what we are creating in Room 311, Seventh Grade Science, at Bethlehem Center Middle School!

Trinity Rudman

Standing Executive desk

Made of a bicycle, tree climbing ladder, and wood.

Great for a cycling enthusiast or for someone with great decorating style!

On Etsy for $700

Shae Smith

Storage shelf

Made of reclaimed wood and used glass jars.

Great for kitchen, garage, and playroom storage.

On Etsy for $30

Isaac Bundy

Pineapple lamp

Made of recycled plastic spoons, plastic drink jug, and lampworks

Excellent for living rooms and bedrooms for soft light.

Available on Etsy for $35

Arianna Castillo

Bag dispenser

Made from a painted 2-liter soda bottle

Excellent to organize pantries and closet spaces everywhere!

Available on Etsy for $10

Noah Stofcheck

Companion wagon

Made of plastic bottles, plastic 6-pack

soda rings, and peanut butter jar lids

Great to tote for your pet cat.

Available for $15

Marissa Aloe

Floating Hydroponics system

Made of reclaimed wood and plastic water bottles

This gravity fed watering system can be made as large or small as you need for your available space.

Available on Etsy for $20

Makayla Danko

Dustbroom and dustpan

Made of a 2-liter and wiper fluid bottles.

Bristles build up static which attracts

dust from small areas.

Available for $10

Lena Pierce

Dog water and food bowl/storage

Made from recycled wood and 2-liter bottle

Great for diesel and auto fans for their animals!

On Etsy for $50

Gabriel Levkulich

Disposable mini-grill

Made of an aluminum can and wire.

Great for day hiking or kayaking trips to make lunch!

Available for $10

Austin Comer

Pet bed

Made of a vintage suitcase, recycled material, and reclaimed stuffing

Very shabby chic for the hipster who wants to treat their pets like royalty!

Available on Etsy for $70

Waylon Kreger

Feline play house

Made from water bottles, reclaimed paneling, and recycled craft items

Such a great place for your cat to hang out

and have fun!!

Available for $30

Paige Greenawalt

DVD shelf

Made from used palette wood

Great for the unfinished barn and antique look so many are using in their living spaces!

Available on Etsy for $75

Aiden Aigner

Shoe rack

Made of recycled palette wood

Great for hanging in a closet or mud room. Snow and water fall right off of your shoes!

Avaiable on Etsy for $40

Alexis Mack

Blue and gold footstool

Made from palette wood and reclaimed paint

Perfect to reach in your high cabinet

space or for toddlers to use

Available on Etsy for $35

Lauren Brown

Hanging lamp

Made of plastic water jug,

plastic spoons and lampworks

Great for soft lighting in a bedroom or living room

Found on Etsy for $50

Jayce Hundertmark


Made from reclaimed broomstick

and a 2-liter bottle

Bristles build up static which

attracts dust from small areas.

Available for $15

Zachary Sinclair

Mallet/sledge hammer

Made of melted milk jugs and scrap wood

This mallet is EXCELLENT for any task where you need weight but a lass damaging impact.

Available for $20

Vincent Setaro

10 pound barbell

Made of water jugs, rocks, and pool noodle

Excellent for the "home workout" enthusiast

Available right now on Letgo for $100

Justin Freeman

Aluminum compost bin

Made of Aluminum cans

Fantastic for those wanting a compost bin made of strong, durable, non-corrosive material.

Available for $40

Brody Tharp

Candle in a jar

Made from a reclaimed canning jar and crayons

Enjoy burning this candle that will fill your home with a favorite childhood memory...Crayola!

Available for $10

Mary Bliss

Wind twirler

Made with a 2-liter bottle

Perfect to hang on the veranda or

in a flower garden.

Available on Etsy for $15

Jessica Sears


Made of a plastic coffee can

Great, inexpensive way to grow and

display your plants.

Available for $5

Alexis Stasko

Self-watering planter and lamp

Made of 2-liter bottles,

tongue depressors, and

recycled glass beads

Planter is great for the person who is on the go, and the lamp is perfect for that "beachy" themed living room.

D'vontay Mahich


Made of a drink bottle and plastic spoons

Great for outdoors on the deck or camping

Available for $15

Gabriel Mock

Self-watering planter

Made of a 2-liter bottle and

used t-shirt

Great for apartments and people who are on the go!

Available on Etsy for $10

Brianna MacFann

Garbage can

Made of plastic water bottles

Great for the bathroom or living room...put your garbage in the garbage made of garbage!

Available for $20

Georgia (Alabama) Foutz


Made of a tire, reclaimed chair legs,

and recycled padding

Great for the patio or living room

Available on Etsy for $50

Hunter Vuono

Stool/End table

Made of a used palette and tin roofing

Perfect for the living room or deck! Hunter and his father made the stain from vinegar, steel wool, and

hydrogen peroxide

Available on Etsy for $60

Dale Milliken

Broom and dustpan

Made from reclaimed broom handle, 2-liter bottles, coffee container, and a milk jug

Perfect for spills and very convenient for the camping trips

Available for $20

Gianna Stay

Mail or magazine shelf

Made of 70's phonographs

Perfect for the music fan or a room with

nostalgic decor! Believe me, this shelf is a "HIPSTER'S DREAM. Y'ALL!"


Available on Etsy for $20

Raymond Shiller

Throw rug

Made of recycled t-shirts

Beautiful rug made of braided t-shirts

which can be customized by size, shape,

and color for ANY space!

Available for $35 on Etsy

Cheyenne White


Made of plastic water bottles, duct tape, and LED lights

Perfect for the environment lover's living room!

Available for $40

Sonya Petersen

Shelf and coat hanger

Made of recycled wood and reclaimed bolts

Perfect for a mud room or home entrance hallway

Available for $50

Kyra Span

Shopping bag

Made of a camouflage t-shirt

Perfect for grocery shopping or the extra hunting supplies you need to make it through the day...you can hide your snacks from your kids!

Available for $10

Trenten Kobertz


Made of plastic bottles, aluminum cans,

and reclaimed bucket

Perfect for the person who does not want poisons in their household and needs to throw together a mousetrap

Available on Etsy for $15

Anthony Stevens

End table

Made of plastic drink bottles and bathroom paneling

Perfect for a quick solution for the "no place to put my drink" problem!

Available for $15

Craig Conley

Window garden basket

Made of palette wood and recycled

plastic containers

Perfect for the garden hobbyist with limited room and a need for herbs and veggies

Available for $25 on Etsy

Credit to Craig's Grandmother for the artwork on tray

David (Pug boy) Stillwell

Decorative rug or table cover

Made from denim jeans

Great product for living rooms and bathrooms and can be personalized by color and size

Available on Etsy for $25

Nick Clark

Mini-end table

Made of soda cans and cd's

Perfect for a teen's bedroom

for drinks or an alarm clock

Available for $15

Meka Ables

Super-comfy chair

Made of tires, bungee cords, and reclaimed paint

PERFECT for outside reclining and camping with weather resistance

Avaiable on Etsy for $100-$150

Credit to Meka's whole family for helping, and her mother for painting the paw-prints!

Kaelyn Mackrush

Desk organizer

Made from reclaimed wood, cereal boxes, and vegetable cans

Great way to show off your organization skills and creativity with this customizable organizer

Available on Etsy for $35

Anthony Petaccia

Desk clock

Made from a chicken can and reclaimed wood

This clock combines the best parts of old and new and can be personalized with your personal or business name!

Available on Etsy for $35

Johnathan Esmond


Made from 55 gallon metal gasoline drum and reclaimed wood

Amazing chair with extra space for comfortable lounging on a deck or at a campsite

Available on Etsy for $550

Ethan Varesko

Deer feeder

40 gallon dairy container, toilet flange, and reclaimed PVC pipe

Great to hang by the tree stand or in the yard to watch your favorite Pennsylvania animal

Available on Etsy for $65

Chloe Byrne

Chair with cushion and pillow

Made with an industrial spool, wooden palettes, and BC clothing

Amazing high-set chairs perfect for your kitchen, deck, or around the pool that can be customized to any decor you like

Available for $125 on Etsy

Wyatt Logan

Book shelf

Made of recycled palettes

Beautiful natural finish on this wall storage unit for your favorite pieces of classic literature!

Available on Etsy for $75

Terista Swoger


Made of a plastic jug and recycled string lights

Great for a bedroom or deck

Available for $10

Jayden Whitaker


Made of plastic juice jug and plastic spoons

Perfect for a bedroom or soft light in the hallway

Available for $20

Brandon Karolowics


Made from recycled palette wood

Beautiful shelf for a rustic, upcycled look in the living room or gameroom

Available on Etsy for $60

Paulo White


Made of magazine pages and clear tape

Great fo rcarrying money on the go!

Available for $10

Gemma Mort


Made from duct tape

Indestructable because duct tape

fixes the world!

Available for $10

Kaytlynn Signorini

Floor/Book shelf

Made from palettte wood

Beautiful dark finish makes this a fantastic addition to a living room or den

Available on Etsy for $45

Jada Davis

Cereal bowl

Made of recycled Kool-Aid packets and glue

Convenient, colorful bowls for your kids

to use for their breakfasts, and

a great biodegradable bowl for camping!

Available for $5

Owen Skariot

End table

Made of recycled palettes

Beautiful table for any living space in or out of the home! Owen is taking orders!

Available for $50

Alliyah Baumgardner

Key holder

Made for reclaimed wood and antiques keys

Perfect for the entry area in your house or the mud room

]Available for $10

Ryan Minerd


Made of a metal frame and plastic water bottles

Nice way to demonstrate environmental awareness to your visitors with this light!

Available for $20

Madison Mayle

Shopping/Tote bag

Made of a recycled t-shirt

Perfect to keep in the back of the car for grocery or small item shopping trips!

Available for $5

Abby Falcon

Bath mat

Made from used plastic shopping bags

Wonderful waterproof bath mat for the camping area or bathroom that it easily cleaned and dried and gives the tootsies a little massage while you are using it!

Available for $20

Abigail Hardoby

Plushy footstool

Made of a recycles fleece blanket and plastic water bottles

Perfect for making that uncomfortable chair into a lounger and customizable to any room

Available on Etsy for $25

Max White


Reclaimed key decoration and antique keys

Makes a BEAUTIFUL sound when the wind moves these keys together!

Available on Etsy for $35

Paige Gilbert


Made from a clothes rack and glass soda bottles

Get a really cool look from this soda-themed light rigging for the living room or bedroom.

Available for $40