Software Training

Take the initiative and advance your software knowledge. Browse the lessons below.

If you have any questions or need help please contact Mrs. Noel or Ms. Harwood Also, contact us if you need a loaner device.

Typing 40 words per minute makes you a more valuable student or employee. Commit the time and become a proficient typist which will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Learn about the different tools that Google Suite has to offer. Master the features and become a more productive digital learner.

More Spreadsheet lessons

Use planning and budgeting to learn the different abilities that sheets have to offer.

Using Google Sheets

This is a great lesson that teaches Google Sheets while organizing college information.

Learn how to create an impressive slideshow.

Research and Writing

Sharpen your Research and Writing skills. This lesson will take you through all of the steps.

Become a master at storing, accessing and sharing your files Create a portfolio that will land you that first great job.

Learn about credible online sources

Learn some advance search skills that will help you produce credible results. Taking your research to another level.

Find the complete list here.

Its time you take learning another language seriously. Dedicate some effort to learn one of 33 languages offered from Install the app on your phone.