About this film: “Sorceress” is about a medieval woman accused of being a heretic but is actually a healer. Its international debut was at the Toronto Film Festival in 1987. The film was directed by Suzanne Schiffman, who was nominated for a French Academy Award (César) for this, her first film.

The film was shot in both French and English. (The French version has English subtitles.) Berger wrote the script in English, and it was translated into French for the shoot. The main actors learned both the French translation as well as the English original. For each scene we filmed the close-ups and the medium shots first in French and then in English. The English of some of the actors was too accented to make a smooth English language version, so, under the direction of Schiffman, we had their parts re-voiced by other actors, with their lips in sync with the original actors’ lips as much as possible.

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