S Anukriti

Assistant Professor

Department of Economics

Boston College

329 Maloney Hall

Chestnut Hill, MA 02467


1. Curse of the Mummy-ji: The Influence of Mothers-in-Law on Women's Social Networks, Mobility, and Reproductive Health in Rural India

(with Catalina Herrera-Almanza, Mahesh Karra, Praveen Pathak)

Media coverage: Live Mint, CNN News18, The Print

2. On the Quantity and Quality of Girls: Fertility, Parental Investments, and Mortality

(with Sonia Bhalotra and Hiu Tam)

Revised & Resubmitted, Economic Journal

3. Saving for Dowry: Evidence from Rural India

(with Sungoh Kwon and Nishith Prakash)

Revised & Resubmitted, Journal of Human Resources

Media coverage: Huffington Post, The Conversation Global

4. Democracy and Demography: Societal Effects of Fertility Limits on Local Leaders

(with Abhishek Chakravarty)

Journal of Human Resources, 54 (1): 79-121, Winter 2019 [Final manuscript]

Media coverage: The Telegraph, Scroll, Live Mint, Ideas for India,The Hindu, DailyO, Population Research Institute [1, 2], JHR News and Research Highlights

5. Women's Worth: Trade, Female Income, and Fertility in India

(with Todd J. Kumler)

Economic Development and Cultural Change, 67 (3): 687-724, April 2019

6. Financial Incentives and the Fertility-Sex Ratio Trade-off

American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 10 (2): 27-57, April 2018

Media Coverage: Live Mint, Hindu Business Line, Ideas for India, Harvard Magazine

Best Paper in Applied Economics by Young Researchers, 2013 European Meetings of the Econometric Society

7. Marriage Markets in Developing Countries

(with Shatanjaya Dasgupta)

in The Oxford Handbook of Women and the Economy, ed. Susan L. Averett, Laura M. Argys, and Saul D. Hoffman, Oxford University Press, July 2018

8. Economic Incentives and The Fertility-Sex Ratio Trade-off

in Policy Challenges from Demographic Change in China and India, ed. Karen Eggleston, Brookings Institution Press, July 2015


1. Women's Access to Family Planning: Experimental Evidence on the Role of Peers and Voucher Subsidies

(with Catalina Herrera-Almanza, Mahesh Karra, Praveen Pathak)

[Endline complete]; AEA RCT Registry ID: AEARCTR-0003283

2. Informed Citizens and Political Entry: Evidence From a Large Education Program in India

(with Rossella Calvi, Abhishek Chakravarty, and Anandi Mani)

3. Female Sterilization and Women's Well-being

4. Dowry and the Marriage Market in India

(with Sungoh Kwon and Nishith Prakash)

5. The Emergency Lives On? The Long-term Consequences of Forced Sterilizations in India

(with Shareen Joshi and Laura Caron)

6. Sex Ratios, Schooling, and the Marriage Market [Previous version]

Media coverage: Ideas for India, Harvard Magazine


1. Financial incentives and the fertility-sex ratio trade-off in India

Ideas for India, June 2018

2. Even money won't make Indians prefer daughters over sons

The Print, March 2018

3. How Female Foeticide Has Influenced Fertility and Parental Investments in Girls

(with Sonia Bhalotra and Hiu Tam)

VoxDev, September 2017

4. How Female Foeticide Has Influenced Fertility and Parental Investments in Girls

(with Sonia Bhalotra and Hiu Tam)

Ideas for India, September 2017

- Republished at the Institute for Social and Economic Research blog, University of Essex

5. Assessing the Impact of the Two-Child Limit for Panchayat Members

(with Abhishek Chakravarty)

Ideas for India, March 2015

6. Leveraging Political Aspirations

(with Abhishek Chakravarty)

Mint, March 2015