Qile Chen


Department of MathematicsMaloney Hall, Fifth FloorBoston CollegeChestnut Hill, MA02467-3806



I am an Assistant Professor in the Math Department of Boston College.

My main area of interest is algebraic geometry. I specialize in studying moduli spaces using logarithmic geometry in the sense of Kato-Fontaine-Illusie,

and its applications to Gromov-Witten theory and birational geometry.

My CV.


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  • The logarithmic gauged linear sigma model, Joint with Felix Janda and Yongbin Ruan, arXiv:1906.04345.
  • Towards a theory of logarithmic GLSM moduli spaces, Joint with Felix Janda, Yongbin Ruan, and Adrien Sauvaget, arXiv: 1805.02304.
  • Decomposition of degenerate Gromov-Witten Invariants, Joint with Dan Abramovich, Mark Gross, and Bernd Siebert, arXiv: 1709.09864.
  • The evaluation space of logarithmic stable maps, Joint with Dan Abramovich, Danny Gillam, and Steffen Marcus, arXiv:1012.5416v1.


  • Fall_2018
    • MATH332101 - Analysis I;
  • Spring_2018
    • MATH8865 - Deformation theory;
  • Fall_2017
    • MATH332101 - Analysis I;
  • Fall_2017
    • MATH221604 - Introduction to abstract math;
  • Spring_2017
    • Instructor for MATH460 - Complex variables;
  • Fall_2016
  • Fall_2016
  • Spring_2016
  • Fall_2015
    • Instructor for MATH110505 - Calculus II (AP);
  • Spring_2015
    • Instructor for Mathematics V2010 Section 001 & 002 - Linear Algebra;
  • Fall_2014
    • Instructor for Mathematics V1201 - Calculus III;
  • Spring_2013
    • Instructor for Mathematics V1102 - Calculus II;
  • Fall 2012
    • Instructor for Mathematics V2010 - Linear Algebra;
  • Spring 2012
    • Instructor for Mathematics V1202 - Calculus IV;
  • Spring 2011
    • Teaching Fellow for MATH 0200 - Multivariable Calculus;
  • Spring 2010
    • Teaching Fellow for MATH 0100 - Introductory Calculus II;
  • Fall 2008
    • Teaching Fellow for MATH 0100 - Introductory Calculus II;
  • Spring 2008
    • Teaching Asistant for MATH 0520 - Linear Algebra;
  • Fall 2007
    • Teaching Asistant for MATH 0090 - Introductory Calculus I.