Fossil Euglenids

Excavating the roots of the tree of life: revealing a billion year fossil record for the euglenids.

A 3 year NERC study of the fossil record of the Euglenids began October 2017. The project, based at The University of Sheffield is headed by Charles Wellman (PI) and includes Co-Investigator Wesley Fraser at Oxford Brookes University, along with Project Partners:

  • Pascal-Antoine Christin, The University of Sheffield
  • Brian Leander, University of British Columbia
  • Paul K Strother, Boston College
  • Wilson A Taylor, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
  • Bas van de Schootbrugge, Utrecht University
Moyeria uticaensis
Moyeria uticaensis

Specimens from the holotype section along South Branch of Moyer Creek, near Ilion, NY.