Boston Sea Level: Past, Present, and Future

Boston College's environmental geoscience seniors went downtown Boston to observe markers of past sea level changes (red stars), present day vulnerabilities (blue markers), and future sea level risks and resiliency efforts (yellow circles).

We also had the opportunity to tour the construction site for the new Echelon Seaport building.

Click on the red pin to see our group photo.

Overlaid is the future 100-yr flood map for a sea-level rise of 21". This represents a high-end projection for 2030 and a low-end projection by 2100 (Climate Ready Boston). You can view other flood maps under different sea level rise scenarios by clicking on the arrows on the top-left corner of the map.

Click on the markers on the map to learn more about each location!

Created by Boston College Environmental Geoscience Senior Research Seminar class: Hannah Anderson, Maddison Boettner, Caitlin Connelly, Devin Hanel, Paul Hong, Casey Keeley, Tim Keohane, and Isbella Laurie, with help from masters student Miranda Wiebe and Prof. Carling Hay.

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