The Hatchery

Design and Innovation

Upcoming Events

Learn how to tuft!

April 28th and April 30th

12PM - 2PM at the 2nd floor entrance of 245 Beacon.

Screen printing for Social Change

April 29th

12PM - 4PM Stokes

Star Wars Maker Party

May the 4th ;)

7PM - 9PM 245 Beacon Room 203

Faculty Lunches

May 11th + 12th

12PM - 1PM 245 Beacon Room 301 - Sign up here!

Making At Boston College

The Hatchery

The Hatchery is the new Makerspace on campus dedicated to providing an accessible and community-oriented space for all students. At the Hatchery, all BC community members are encouraged to explore their creativity and apply their education in order to make impactful change. The Hatchery offers trainings and workshops in a variety of areas such as sewing, woodworking, laser cutting and 3D printing. We are located in 245 Beacon in room 203.

What is Makerspace? And how do I access it?

A Makerspace is a collaborative space for making, learning, exploring, creating, and sharing. It is a space where people can come together to work on projects and solutions across any academic discipline. To use any tool in the space, you must first complete our Online Safety Training:

When is The Hatchery open?

The Hatchery is open to the entire BC community during the hours below until May 6th.

Monday 1PM - 8PM

Tuesday 1PM - 8PM

Wednesday 1PM - 8PM

Thursday 1PM - 8PM

Friday 1PM - 5PM

Sunday 1PM - 5PM

We are closed March 6th - 13th for Spring Break and April 14th - 18th for Easter.

If you'd like us to keep you up to date on our upcoming opening, please join our mailing list here.

We're hiring!

Boston College opened a brand new state of the art Makerspace at the beginning of the 22' Spring Semester. We are seeking applicants who are passionate about helping others learn. Applicants do not need experience with specific machines but must be willing to learn, fail, and try again. We seek students who are passionate about bringing ideas to life and are equally excited to share in that experience with others. All majors and schools welcome!

Leverage experiential learning with your students.

The Academic Prototyping Studio

The Academic Prototyping Studio supports academic coursework and specifically caters to group collaboration and making as well as catalyzing a culture of creativity across campus by promoting 'out of class' initiatives. In addition to baseline Making tools and equipment, these spaces are outfitted with high fidelity digital fabrication equipment and advanced woodworking tools to help foster engineering and technology based prototyping for the interested students. We are located in 245 Beacon in room 301.

Let's connect!

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What tools and processes are supported?

While making is not always physical, the Design and Innovation spaces provide physical space for making on campus. Located in 285 Beacon, the Hatchery and the Academic Learning Studio are home to resources and equipment that aid innovators in imagining, designing, and making.

Machines include but are not limited to:

  • 3D Printers, including FDM, SLA (resin), and polyjet

  • Woodworking equipment, including table saw, band saws, sanders, drill press, hand tools, etc

  • Sewing machines, embroidery machines, serger

  • Electronics tools, soldering irons, multimeters, breadboards, Arduinos, scopes

  • 4’x8’ CNC router

  • Small format CNC router

  • Laser cutters

  • Vinyl cutters

  • Large format printer

  • Various hand or handheld tools

Student assembling a cabinetStudent in makerSpace3D PrinterJake the makerCloth pieces for embroiderySewing machineStudent putting up a signagetoolsWorkbench3d printed honeycomb tilesTable saw

Why Do We Make?

“Making” trains community members to utilize their various educations in ways that are individualized and cannot be outsourced or standardized. Creators can discover solutions to real-world problems which standardized strategies have failed to solve by utilizing the processes and philosophies of making. Making simultaneously develops classical virtues like, practicality, craftsmanship, and scientific knowledge, while preparing the maker for the world's greatest challenges.

245 Beacon St.