M. Bumin Yenmez

Professor of Economics
Boston College

Research Fields:

  • Market and Mechanism Design

  • Choice Theory

Research Topics:

  • Affirmative Action and Diversity

  • Intradistrict and Interdistrict School Choice

  • Organ Allocation

  • Externalities and Peer Effects

  • Fair Resource Allocation

Policy Impact:
We introduced an affirmative action policy based on reserves in Hafalir, Yenmez, and Yildirim (2013). Reserves have been implemented in practice in a variety of settings listed below. We also study more general/other reservation policies in Ehlers, Hafalir, Yildirim, and Yenmez (2014) (which incorporates Ehlers (2007)), Echenique and Yenmez (2015), and Pathak, Sonmez, Unver and Yenmez (2020).

1. Pre-K to 12 student assignment in New York City has reserves (discussed in this website, see, e.g, District 15 website for the implementation of reserves),
2. Pre-K to 12 student assignment in Chile implements a reserve for different groups (discussed in this paper),
3. After the circulat
ion of our paper (Pathak, Sonmez, Unver, and Yenmez, 2020), the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) has recommended a ten percent reserve for the most vulnerable populations in the society (see the webpage) and various states have implemented reserves in practice (e.g., Massachusetts)
4. A reserve mechanism has also been implemented in Israel (discussed in this paper).
5. After the circulation of our paper, Sonmez and Yenmez (2019), the Supreme Court of India has revoked the previously used allocation method for the joint implementation of the so-called horizontal and vertical reservations in India and endorsed the allocation rule that we earlier advocated in our paper (see the judgement Saurav Yadav v State of U.P. (2020)).

Together with Lars Ehlers, I am co-organizing an online seminar series called Frontiers of Economic Design. Check out the webinar webpage and sign-up for more information.

Curriculum Vitae

Published Papers

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Papers in Special Issues (Published)

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