Byron-Bergen CSD Seal of Civic Readiness


Byron-Bergen CSD is committed to civic education that empowers all students to make informed decisions for the public good as members of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world. Civic education facilitates the development of civic competencies, which are needed for a democratic society to flourish. Through civic education, students learn how to identify and address problems in their community or school community. Students also learn how to demonstrate respect for the rights of others, respectfully disagree with other viewpoints, and provide evidence for a counterargument. Civic education can strengthen the relationships of schools and students with parents, families, civic leaders, and organizations and community partners.

In January 2020 The Civic Readiness Task Force appointed by the Board of Regents presented their recommendations to the Board of Regents. The recommendations include a Seal of Civic Readiness, a definition of Civic Readiness and the elements of a Civic Capstone Project.