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Welcome to the DEIG section of the Online Learning Hub. We hope you and your loved ones are managing during this time of uncertainty. Although we are physically apart during this time, we wanted to offer connective opportunities to support ourselves and one another, and to build and sustain our communities. We hope these resources help foster feelings of closeness and shared purpose in this time of physical distancing.

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This page is designed to center the ongoing conversation around racism and provide resources for all who want to learn more about how to engage in antiracism practices. Content on this page will be updated regularly. "In a racist society it is not enough to be non-racist. We must be anti-racist."- Angela Davis

We're in the process of sharing some resources to help create a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and global distance learning environment. This page will be updated regularly.

To support BB&N’s efforts toward making our community even more equitable and inclusive, the DEIG office has developed a self-guided family program for adults and children to engage in at home. The program invites families to dive into key themes related to diversity, equity, inclusion and global education.

This page is designed to keep us all connected during a time where we have to be a part physically. Come share an update, have fun, and share ideas.

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