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Clairemont Town Council July 5, 2018 Meeting Recap

CTC held a panel discussion on homelessness at its July 5 meeting, featuring experts on supportive housing and engagement between residents and developers.

Simonne Ruff, San Diego Director for the Corporation for Supportive Housing, gave an overview of homelessness in San Diego and best-practice solutions for homelessness, including supportive housing. She also discussed the process for developing and running effective supportive housing, explaining different parties’ roles and responsibilities. See presentation slides here.

Monica Ball, a member of the Downtown Community Planning Council, spoke about DCPC’s oversight role during development of the PATH Connections project downtown. She had recommendations for CTC members interested in ensuring oversight and accountability for future affordable and supportive housing developments. See presentation slides here.

Members of CTC also invited a speaker to advocate for increasing federal and local funding for sober-living facilities. The speaker was highly critical of prioritizing evidence-based models for funding, including supportive housing. You can read his opinions on the issue here.

Minutes from the meeting are available here, courtesy of CTC.