English Language Arts

Mrs. Michelle Sprengel

Rm 28

732-775-4413 X330


Welcome to our classroom

It is with pleasure that I welcome you and your child to our class website. We can all look forward to a very exciting and rewarding year. I have high expectations for all students and I encourage everyone to try to do their best.

Mrs. Sprengel's ELA Class Expectations

Major/Minor ELA Assignments:

Major: (50% of grade)

  • Completed Essays
  • Book Talks
  • Vocabulary Tests

Minor: (30% of grade)

  • Reading Log
  • Reading Response
  • Writer's notebook
  • Essay Progress (assigned milestones)
    • Annotated articles, etc
    • Final decision on Thesis/Claim

Homework Expectations

Homework: (10% of grade)

Homework can be graded twice; (As per BBES board approved guidelines)

  1. For completion,
  2. Graded for accuracy as a participation grade.
  • Homework will be assigned Monday-Thursday; no weekend assignments unless it is a multi-week assignment.
  • Late homework will be taken, with a penalty, up to two days from assigned date

How much time should students spend on homework?

      • Grade 5 = 50 minutes
      • Grade 6 = 60 minutes

Grading Scale for Homework

  • 100% = Completed
  • 75% = Attempted, more than half / late score after one day
  • 50% = Attempted, mostly incomplete / late score after two days
  • 0% = No attempt, not handed in

**Late homework will be taken, with a penalty, up to two days from assigned date.


Participation (10% of grade)

  • Contributes to discussions, lessons, and activities
  • Responds thoughtfully to other students’ comments
  • Suggests different ways of approaching activities
  • Demonstrates consistent preparation
  • Maintains engagement in lessons and activities

Participation Grading

100-90 Exceeds expectations

89-80 Meets expectations

79-70 Attempts

60 Below expectations

***Please Note***

  • No extra credit is assigned.
  • Students can request to retest major assessments. [Tests only, not essays]