¡Les deseo un año lleno de aprendizaje y diversión!

Salón/ROOM 16

Contact Information: WORLD LANGUAGE- SPANISH TEACHER Pre K-8th Grade

Patricia Velázquez-Orlando

email: porlando@bbesnj.org Telephone: 732-775-4413 Ext. 322

  • TAREA/HOMEWORK: This year we are going to be doing homework using Google Voice (for oral practice and assessments)as well as other innovative ways to show your learning! My common Google Voice assignments from my Spanish classes are the “make a one-minute recording of …” using the grammar and vocabulary structures we’re currently working on. I will give srudents a little time in class to prepare their recordings so I can help them craft something that sounds good and they will also have time to practice. If they use their time wisely in class, all that’s left is the call. Assignments don’t feel like homework.
  • ORAL PRACTICE/LISTENING PRACTICE- Many times I'll ask students to complete an oral assignment at home. This would be in the form of interviews, fill-in-the-blanks songs; in which they have to listen to a song and complete the missing lyrics, interview a natiuve Spanish speaker.
  • EXTRA- On other times I'll ask them to color a certain worksheet at home. Please note this is done in order for us to utilize our time in the classroom more efficiently.



  • Written Tests
  • Oral Assessments (Role plays, interviews, listening comprehension exercises, quizzes,etc.)
  • Teacher observation (during speaking activities/practice in the classroom
  • Projects/Rubrics


        • Projects/Rubrics
        • Journal Writing
        • Oral Interviews
        • Participation
        • Question/Answer
        • Weekly quizzes

Depending on the grade level, students in the World Language Program are assessed using one or more of the following: