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This week we will...

Complete a project about Ancient Greece and the Ancient Greek Olympics. Your child will be working in a small group to create google slides, and a screencastify presentation about their research. Groups will also be competing to create and pitch a modern olympic event to played in gym class next week. Though only two events per class will be selected, all will be participating in togas! Please kindly help your child to create a sheet toga at home! They will be researching and working on togas for homework this week.

About Me

My start to teaching occurred when I moved to South Korea to teach English in 2008. After five years there, I decided to come home and return to school to better my craft. This is my third year at BBES, and my tenth year teaching. I'm looking forward to another successful school year!

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email: cboyle@bbesnj.org

phone: 732-775-4413 EXT/VM 303