BBA Maths

Make sure you make every lesson count, you should spread around half your time doing work that is difficult.

You will also need to practise topics you can do to make sure you can remember it on your own when you need to.

We expect you to do a lot of practice at home so that we can concentrate lesson time on learning new content rather than going back over what you should already be able to do.

Using Hegarty maths is a great way to help yourself fill in any gaps you have and secure new knowledge.

If you feel your learning is not going as well as you like make sure you speak to your teacher for advice.

You need to bring the following to every Mathematics and Statistics lesson:

  • Black/Blue Pen (including a spare)
  • Green Pen
  • Pencil and sharpener or mechanical pencil
  • Rubber
  • Ruler
  • Protractor
  • Compass
  • Scientific Calculator with Natural Display (eg Casio Fx-83GT or better)

Items you can buy from school:

  • Maths equipment sets are available for £1.50
  • Calculators are £6.50
  • If you need a single piece of equipment they are 50p
  • Maths Revision Guides are available for £4 or £2, check with your teacher or Mrs Shaw about which one you should get.
  • Statistics Revision Guides are £6.50

All money needs to be paid to reception and then the receipt given to your Maths teacher.