Award & Accreditation

The Quality Mark for schools was developed to provide a framework that would promote, support and celebrate the improvement of literacy, language and mathematics, sometimes also referred to as ‘basic’ or ‘functional’ skills.

The Quality Mark from the UK is an inclusive award and was developed in 2008, for settings catering for babies, toddlers and young children from birth up to age 5. It provides a framework for self-evaluation and continuous improvement of the skills, particularly in communication, language and mathematical development, of young children through activities suitable for the stage of development they have reached.

Bright Beginnings was awarded the Quality Mark Accreditation in 2012 after a thorough evidence gathering process and an on-site assessment by an accredited assessor from the UK. The on-site assessment included classroom observations and inspection of evidence gathered based on the Quality Mark Ten Elements:

  1. A whole-setting strategy and planning to improve young children’s abilities and achievements in their foundation skills.
  2. Analysis of the assessment of young children’s abilities and achievements.
  3. Setting appropriately high expectations for young children’s development.
  4. Planning ‘next steps’ in learning for young children’s development.
  5. Regular review of the progress made by all young children.
  6. A commitment to improving the skills of all practitioners.
  7. A balanced use of child-initiated and adult-led, play-based activities.
  8. The use of appropriate environments and resources.
  9. Partnership working between families, carers, practitioners and professionals in supporting young children’s learning and development.
  10. An effective procedure for monitoring planning and assessing improvement in practice and provision.

We are extremely proud of our track record for world class curriculum & services, and were pleased to be recognised for our 2nd Quality Mark accreditation in 2015. Such awards are a great way of showcasing the accomplishments of our team that delivers excellence in the form of quality early years services