At Baysgarth we truly value the importance of good literacy skills; we know the significant impact that reading skills have on our students’ ability to succeed at secondary school and beyond. Good reading skills and a strong command of vocabulary not only allow students to access the curriculum, irrespective of discipline, but they also open a window to the wider world. 


We know that a student's reading ability directly impacts on their success in all their GCSE subjects and their opportunities in later life. Research has proven that weak reading skills limit the life chances of young people whereas good reading skills have a positive impact on our children's physical and mental health, their future income, their family life, engagement in their civic duty and their emotional development.


We recognise that in addition to 'reading to learn' there is also a requirement to develop and celebrate a culture of reading for pleasure. At Baysgarth we are committed to developing resilient readers who can access a range of texts which explore a multitude of themes, perspectives, experiences and are reflective of the diverse world we live in.


At Baysgarth we aim to: