Mrs. Duncan

7th Grade Civics / Advanced Civics

Instructor: Mrs. Duncan


Student Responsibilities and Class Procedures

Course Overview: This is a year long course focusing on American Civics.

Class Expectations:

1. Be on time, on task, and prepared to learn every day.

2. Bring a pencil/pen and civics workbook every day.

3. Keep all personal electronics put away.

4. Be responsible for your own learning.

5. Respect the teacher, the classroom, and the other students.

6. Trash goes in the trash can.

7. Water in the classroom only. No food, no other drinks, and NO GUM!

Students are NO longer required to have a 3 1/2 inch binder.

Instead we will be using a bound consumable workbook that will be provided to the students. Once the students receive this book they will need to bring it daily to class.

What you will need:

  • Civics Workbook (handed out first week of school)
  • Glue Sticks
  • Highlighters
  • Pencils
  • Hand held pencil sharper
  • Blue & Black pens
  • Zipper Pouch to hold the above supplies
  • Spiral notebook with college ruled paper
  • college ruled paper
  • folder to keep handouts

Student responsibilities

1. You are responsible for taking notes.

2. You are responsible for turning in assignments on time.

3. You are responsible for keeping up with the lessons. I will have the weekly lessons on the board as well as on this website under the lesson plans and homework page.

4. Class participation and good behavior are very important.

5. If you are absent you will need to get notes from a classmate. See me about make-up work.

Service Learning Project:

All 7th Grade Civics students will be required to complete a Service Learning Project.

Grading policy:

Each nine week grade will be based on homework, class work, in-class projects and assignments, quizzes and tests. Grades are based on percentage.





F= 0%-59%

Civics EOC

Each 7th grader is required to pass the Civics EOC (End of Course) exam. The EOC is worth 30% of the FINAL class grade. This is a computer based-standardized test given by the state of Florida.

Thank you,

Mrs. Duncan

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