Mark Bastedo (Mr. B / Coach B):

A.P. World History and A.P. Macro Economics Teacher - Social Sciences are essential in developing citizens who understand contemporary issues with a depth and wisdom drawn from the experiences of the past. Through the study of history and economics, which both integrate the humanities and the social sciences, students will better understand their own society as well as others. In addition; history and econ are incredible vehicles for character education!

Golf Coach

About Me: I grew up north of Detroit in the State of Michigan. Served in United States Army during the Gulf War; after returning home I earned a B.A. Degree in History and Secondary Education from Saginaw Valley State University, followed by a Masters Degree from Liberty University. My family is blessed to be together within the North Bay Haven community; my wife Heather is a School Counselor and my daughter Brooke is a current 7th grade student. We absolutely love it here- Go Bucs!