7th Grade LIFE science website for Mrs. Weaver's classes :

WELCOME DR. REBECCA WARD to the Bay Haven family!

THANK YOU STUDENTS for a great Science Fair - you are meeting those high expectations!

Your awesome projects wowed the judges!

Picture of State Fair competitors and list of Awards is below....


Joseph Mandapat, Aleena Khan, Austin Taylor,

Rebecca Cassidy, Madeleine Wilson, Mathew Matson, Jonathan Walker

BHCA: 17 Place Awards in the 12 Categories:

3rd: Collin Glass

2nd: Reem Albibi and Hibah Tariq

3rd: Emma Johnson

2nd: Lena Dykes and Janna Rhodes

1st: Madeleine Wilson

3rd: Kai Biedermann

2nd: Wesley Littleton

1st: Mathew Matson

Honorable Mention: Caleb Goodwin

2nd: Aleena Khan

Honorable Mention: Nathan Holmes and Luke Elmore

1st: Jonathan Walker

3rd: Morgan Swindler

Honorable Mention: Claire DeLonjay

1st: Austin Taylor

1st: Joseph Mandapat

1st: Rebecca Cassidy

Dear students and families,

I am delighted to be your Physical Science teacher this year - Welcome to 8th grade!

My teaching experience began as an Adjunct Instructor at Gulf Coast State College and Florida State University. Over the past twenty-years I have taught science from Kindergarten through 11th grade and was the Instructional Specialist for Science at the Bay District office. I most enjoy being a middle school science teacher.

I grew up traveling with my military family and consider myself very blessed to be a teacher at Bay Haven.

Email is the best way to reach me:

Mrs. Paula Weaver MEd

Science Department Chair

Scientific Review Committee- Regional Science Fair

Jr. BETA Club Sponsor



1. Be prepared to learn:

Be on time. If tardy, quietly sign the Tardy Log near the door.

Bring your science binder, planner, and textbook to class every day.

Have homework complete before class starts.

Don't wait to study until the night before a test. Study a little bit everyday to keep up. Try to stay aware of current events that relate to what we are studying - scientists are constantly learning from a variety of sources.

2. Participate in class:

Work with those at your table – if the teacher is not talking, ask two before you ask the teacher for clarification. We are all learning together.

A folder will be used for bell-work each day and will be used as an Interactive Science Notebook. It will stay in the classroom, and will be handed out by a selected student at the beginning of class. Keeping this up to date and neat will help you do well on tests.

3. Follow Behavior Expectations: (so our time is spent learning)

You are “at work” so practice professionalism: polite behavior and doing your job of learning well.

1. Listen and follow directions at all times. Raise your hand to be recognized- don't speak until it is your turn.

2. Act with respect towards others: others property, space, and feelings.

3. Be in class on time, try not to be tardy. If tardy, sign the Tardy Log and go quietly to your assigned seat.

4. Sharpen pencils before class begins; never while the teacher is talking.

5. Use your class time wisely; work with urgency - do not interrupt others opportunity to learn.

6. Restroom: fill out pass in your planner, the teacher will sign your planner and dismiss you to leave.

7. Beginning of class procedure:

Enter quietly and place your books at your assigned seat.

Get out a pencil, sharpen it if necessary.

Get your Bellwork folder, be seated and begin the Bellwork.

When finished with Bell Work – open your planner to the correct day.

Wait quietly for others to finish their Bell Work.

8. End of class procedure:

When notified by the teacher that class is over - have your folder ready to be collected.

Check to see that you have written your homework into your planner.

Put away all supplies used in class.

Scan your table and floor for trash to be thrown away.

Prepare to leave by stacking your books on your table.

Students are released by table. The teacher – not the bell – releases the class to leave the room.

10. Missed assignments because of absence from school. You are responsible for all missed/make-up work. Check the class website. Try to get caught up as quickly as possible. Let me know if you are having any difficulty.

11. No backpacks, purses, or string bags are permitted in class.

12. Science Labs require following safety rules outlined in the safety contract. If you are not able to follow the safety rules, you will only observe the lab and will be given a related assignment to do instead.

13. Collaborate with lab partners and others at your table. This means doing your job and helping others do theirs too. We are all learning together. Teamwork makes the dream work!

14. Behavior expectations are posted in the classroom - follow them. Consequences for not following them may result in a note written in your planner - to be read and signed by your parent, and/or a phone call home, and/or a parent conference. Repeated violations may result in exclusion from extracurricular activities like after school social events and lab activities in science class.