Pay Fair Share

The Blue Thunder Band uses a secure payment method provided by PayPal.

To make a fair share payment, please select an option, then "Add To cart" below

In order to provide an online payment option, a small "convenience fee" is applied to online transactions by PayPal. This will show up as "Tax" on the next screen.

In order for the band to continue to grow and offer the activities that we do each year, we require all students to make a payment to contribute to the overall cost of operating the band program. We call this contribution a “Fair Share” payment. For the 2019-2020 season, we are requiring students to make a payment of $200 to fund the band for this season. This money goes to fund the program so that we can offer the students amenities like: Travel, Competitions, New Equipment, Instrument Repairs, Nice Facilities, and much more. Auxiliary members are only responsible for $150 of the fair share payment, as those members will also be required to purchase their own uniform. If you are unable to pay the $200 fair share by ​August 16, 2019, ​the following payment schedule may be utilized. Please be sure to speak with the Directors about utilizing the following payment plan. All donations, sponsorships, or monies otherwise collected are non-refundable.

Payment #1 - $50 due August 16, 2019

Payment #2 - $50 due September 6, 2019

Payment #3 - $50 due October 4, 2019

Payment #4 - $50 due November 1, 2019

We offer many different fundraising activities that students may participate in to pay off their fair share for the band program. One of the fundraising opportunities that is currently available is our Box Sales Fundraiser, in which the students sell candy, beef jerky sticks, or beef jerky on an individual basis to other students or members of their community. Another opportunity the students have is to sell Advertisement Banners that go on the fence by our practice field. Each banner that is sold equals $150 towards your students Fair Share payment.