Welcome to the Finding Common Ground 2.0 Energy Ambassador Tour website and resource hub. This website was designed to be used by Energy Ambassadors who took part on the tour, though you may have been directed here following an Our Common Ground presentation. Here you can find more information about climate change and energy production & efficient use. For more information about Finding Common Ground 2.0, the Finding Common Ground Bike Tour, and to learn more about our watershed please visit the Battle River Watershed's website here.

What is an Energy Ambassador?

"Energy Ambassador" is used to describe the individuals who participated on the Finding Common Ground 2.0 tour. Thirty-seven professionals from various backgrounds came from across the region to learn more about climate change and energy production in the area. As an Energy Ambassador, the tour participants will now share their experiences and opinions with members of their networks.

We are excited to announce our partnership with Brenlea Farms out of Bawlf, AB!

Brenda Bohmer, a grain farmer in Camrose County, has been working to retain more water on

her land. She has been planting trees and tapping into the small seasonal creek that flows in the

spring to restore existing wetlands. When a road reconstruction project provided the

opportunity arose (delete) to build a new dugout, she wanted to make it a functioning wetland.

The wetland is about 2 acres in size and will hold about 2 million gallons of water. The slope

into the wetland is gradual to help wildlife and birds use the wetland (compared to a normal

dugout which has a steeper slope) . She will also be planting about 5000 trees over 3 years,

over half of which are already planted. These projects are also helping to capture and store

carbon in the soils. We are proud to support her ongoing efforts as a steward of our



What did the tour include?

Participants gained first hand experience in energy production, distribution, and efficient use. Loading onto a coach bus in Camrose, we visited multiple energy production sites and to hear from guest experts. Topics included: renewable and conventional energy production and distribution; technological innovations and advances in efficiencies; local impacts of energy on our social, economic, and environmental resilience; and how to increase energy efficiency in your home, workplace, and community.

The second day will be much like the first; exploring and discussing our energy systems, as well as gaining experience in sharing your thoughts and ideas about the project and topics with others.

Finding Common Ground Bike Tour and Documentary

Finding Common Ground Apr 3 (online version).pdf


Government of Alberta’s Community Environment Action Grant

Energy Efficiency Education Grant Program.