CAM Academy EspaÑol

¡Hola! I am Ryann Campbell (aka Señora). This is my 7th year teaching at CAM Academy and with each new year, I am always very excited to get started. I have been speaking Spanish for over 30 years. I graduated from Willamette University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish. I also studied Spanish language at the Universidad de Oviedo in Oviedo, Asturias in northwestern Spain. After living in Spain, I earned my Master’s Degree in Teaching from Willamette University. I have taught Spanish at all levels, including Elementary, Middle, High School, and College, but teaching High School remains my favorite. I am fortunate to be able to meet with several different groups of language teachers monthly in the Portland and Clark County areas, where we discuss research, practices, and practice with and coach one another. I have a passion for teaching and for learning, I continue to research and learn about the best ways to help my students. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the students, families and staff at CAM Academy. I am lucky to be here, and thrilled to be part of such an amazing school.